Our (so-called) "employer"

Our (so-called) "employer"

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Little Bitsy has her own youtube video now! The woman holding her is Sylvia, her new Mom. The other lady is Evelyn Bridges, the woman who fed me for months when I was an outside stray young mother. She finally trapped me and had me spayed and brought me to ML's house for "fostering". We all know how that turned out. She rescued Bitsy too and is going to start her own non-profit rescue group here in Western NC. She needs green papers!

Remember what I looked like in August of 2007 when Evelyn brought me to Casa de Mosaic?

Check me out now. Big, Black and Beeeey-ooooo-tifull!

Bitsy was in THIRD PLACE last week! Out of 60,000 dogs!! The second place dog has only 240 more votes than she does this morning! If we can just get 200 more people to vote for Little Bitsy every day through Saturday, she can totally take this thing!

Please watch the video and GO RIGHT HERE TO VOTE NOW AND EVERY DAY.

Thank you so much. So many other homeless furs will be helped if Bitsy can win this week and move on to the semi-finals!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Saturday Photo Hunt - ORANGE!


This is an email from the woman who fed me for months when I was a very skinny (I WAS TOO!) young stray. She trapped me, had me spayed, and brought me into a rescue group for adoption. On the way to being adopted, Mosaic Lady "fostered" me. For about two weeks. Now I've been living with her and all of the other Mosaics for over two years! I love my life (but I still hate Sadie!)

Friends and Family,

My fellow REALTORS with Steve Owen and Associates are helping us raise money in order to receive funds to create a non-profit organization to further help our efforts in animal rescue. This will allow us to have fund raisers, accept donations that are tax deductible for the donors, to apply for grant money, to pull animals from the shelters and do so much more to help our abused, thrown away, neglected, abandoned, unloved, sick animals. It will be called the Charlie Powers Memorial Animal Rescue in honor of my father who loved and cared for animals his entire life and taught me to do the same by his example.It has been a labor of love for me to rescue and help the animals for almost 50 years.

Please take a few seconds each day to click on the following link and vote for Little Bitsy. You will only have to register to vote the first time. You can vote everyday. Each new week begins on Sunday and continues until end of October. Let's help her win so she can help the other dogs and cats that have not yet been rescued.

If you would like to make a donation to assist with the estimated cost of $3,000 to create our non profit status, please make your checks (if we raise more than needed for 5013c, all donations will be used for welfare and rescue of the animals) out to:

Charlie Powers Memorial Animal Rescue
% Evelyn Bridges
226 Panther Gap Road
Brevard, NC 28712

Thanks in advance for helping in anyway possible, even by forwarding this to others.

This is a great way to help Evelyn! Go to the cutest dog competition site every day until the end of October and vote for "Little Bitsy". She is one of Evelyn's rescues and if she wins during the contest she wants to give it to Evelyn's Fund! They are picking winners weekly so vote for her every day. The votes go back to 0 on Sunday and the week begins again.

Let's see if we can win $500 (or more! ) to help other dogs just like Little Bitsy have happy endings too!

Little Bitsy (and Mosaic Annie) thank you!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Watch Out For Flying Pigs, Every Cat!

Mosaic Lady figured out how to use her digital camera to make movies. Can you believe it? I know. Me neither.

After picking the first batch of blueberries from our yard, she took them out back for some still photos. Sadie The Perfect was hanging out, and ML, in an uncharacteristic display of technological insight and bravery, moved one little button on her camera two places over to the FILM icon. And it filmed! Can you believe that? Me neither.

Here is perfect, loving, adorable, low maintenance, always affectionate and calm Sadie.
Can you see why I live to torture her? I know. Me too.

(Listen for Mosaic Dawg slopping up her water in the kitchen. She's gross.)

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Please take this down, Mr. President

My fellow Americans:

A few days ago, I went to Capitol Hill to meet with the Republican leadership to get their input on the massive economic stimulus package we’re about to approve. We worked very hard, we compromised, and I added a few of their suggestions.

As you have seen, even though we made compromises in this massive bill to garner support from our Republican members of Congress, every one of them voted against it – mostly because there is money for prevention of sexually transmitted diseases and because there is no tax cut for their wealthy friends.

Therefore, I intend to veto this bill, remove every one of these “compromises” and just go with what I originally wanted.

The time of a president is very valuable. There are a lot of things going on in the world and in America that demand my attention. Three hours is a long time when you’re president. I spent three hours on Capitol Hill with Republicans – adding and subtracting things to this bill in the hope that they would support it. We worked hard for this compromise. Not one House Republican supported this bill. It turns out, they had no intention of EVER supporting the bill. Their goal was simply this – the failure of this bill. So, I ask you: What was the point?

As such, I am not going to waste one more minute of my time on these people.

America, I know I promised you that I would be bi-partisan and be President for ALL of America. But that only works when the other side is a willing partner. Yesterday, every Republican in the House showed that they were not willing to do that. Not only that, but they wasted the country’s time pretending to work in a spirit of bi-partisanship while, all along, knowing that they never would vote for a bill that included many of the things they asked for.

Going forward, I will no longer waste your time and my time by meeting with Republicans unless there is a very important reason to do so. If they are willing to work on bills in a bi-partisan way, I will now require, before any meeting, a list of what they want added or deleted, along with signatures of support for the bill should those compromises be taken into consideration. That way, when the bill passes or fails, America will know who promised to support a bill and did not. It will show America who is willing to work to better this country and who is not. I realize this sounds very “grade school” but it’s the way things will work going forward. Again, you didn’t elect me to engage in futile efforts. You elected me to get work done. Spending hours on Capitol Hill with people who have no intention of accomplishing anything during that meeting is futile, and I will no longer do it.

We’ve worked too hard on this massive bill, and I have put a lot of time into addressing Republican concerns to get their support – even adding things to the bill that I disagreed with – all to no avail.

It’s time to stop wasting our time as a nation. It’s time to get to work. Democrats are willing to make the tough choices. It is obvious from the past few days that Republicans have no intention to work together with Democrats. Now that we know this, we won’t waste our time trying.

From now on, we’ll write bills and put them before the House and Senate for up or down votes.

If any reasonable Republican wants to work with us, we’d love that, and we will listen to him or her and make changes that are reasonable, well thought out, and agreeable to both sides. Not only that, but we will openly acknowledge the work that our Republican friends put into bettering America by working together so that you will know who cares about getting things done. However, if we do not find those Republican allies, then we will move forward, doing the work that the American people elected us to do.

Thank you

President Barack Obama


(Partial Full credit goes to my talented ghostwriter, Michael D.)

(All photostyling credit goes to Zoolatry, as always.)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A New Day Dawning

Happy first day of the rest of our country's life, kitties and persons everywhere in the world!