Our (so-called) "employer"

Our (so-called) "employer"

Monday, February 18, 2008

Mosaic Hangover Monday

Kitties, my furs hurt.

It was a rockin' 2nd Annual 49th Birthday weekend. (My godmother called it that and ML is sticking with it.)
We gave ML what she wanted the most: we vacuumed the whole house. (We did not dust or give Mosaic Dawg a bath because...well...we exhausted ourselves sucking up so many feet of furs.)
And then she rearranged the ancient, dilapidated couches in hopes that "some of us" would move over to the other part of the room and leave her alone on Sadie's couch.
There is such a thing as false hope, Mr. Obama. Geriatrics don't like change.

There was no shortage of wine...

and no shortage of candy, Ben & Jerry's, or carrot cake.

In addition to sending ML a greeting a day for a whole week that included tons of great birthday photoshop art starring US, Zoolatry Human sent a photo of yesterday's graphic and THIS FRAME.
I would say something about someone's thighs and this frame, but I'm sure I do not have to.
We can not wait to show you what our Godmother got US for ML's birthday, but it will take a while to arrive.

Thank you for so many lovely comments and wishes and good thoughts on our blog.
It was a very nice weekend. Oddly enough, ML is far more chipper and excited and relaxed about her rite of passage than we ever believed her capable of.
That might change when the wine buzz and sugar high wear off.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Almost FIFTY Friday

Here is our 50th birthday party planning committee, hard at work making sure this is Mosaic Lady's BEST BIRTHDAY EVER.

She will probably have that glass of wine surgically attached to her lips for the next 72 hours to help her through the trauma of it all.
I will notify you when her "Intervention" episode is going to air.

It's very embarrassing when she tries to convince me that the man on tee vee is her husband.
I hope he can come to the intervention.

(Pee Ess: There was a very good photo of Mosaic Dawg sleeping in her bed and Sadie sleeping on her couch during our meeting, but I refused to post it. The dawg furs on the carpet were even more humiliating than when she makes me call her: "Mrs. Brian Williams".)

Thursday, February 14, 2008

The portrait of me is here, Thursday!

There is just no such thing as too many photos of me, Kitties.
The Zoolatry Human obviously agrees.

You might recall that all the Mosaic Furs pooled allowances to buy this portrait of me on eBay for ML's upcoming BIG birthday.
The artist obviously has kitties because I can smell them.

I think she captured my gorgeous face perfectly, and of course, pink is my color.

I wish I had a pink nose, but the eyes, ears and chin are perfect.

My collar came off after three hours but I am still not allowed outside! It has been 48 hours and I am DYING here.
But the morning is still young.
You might wonder if Mosaic Lady tries to chill her wine over the heating vent. Surprisingly, she does not. The carafe is to prevent me from having fun. I love to pull them up and look down inside. Once I got half of my body down before she caught me!
If I got all the way in I could tunnel out of this prison to get outside.

Speaking of my body, I got weighed at the fur doctor's. 9.5 pounds!!
I was 5.5 pounds when I came here in August. I have nearly doubled my weight in six months!
Just like Mosaic Lady.

Maybe if I chew on the electrical cord she will let me go outside.

I think my good friends, Beau Beau & Angie, hit the nail on the head in their comment on yesterday's post:

We finks in da overall scheme of da yoonaverse yoo must be lookin for some action and yoo got it by gettin' Annie. What yoo finks?

I'm still quite sure Sadie is responsible for all of my so-called "accidents" lately.
I think I will surprise her with a Happy Valentine's Day greeting while she is eating. Or using the litter box.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

What goes around comes around, Wednesday

Sometimes, Kitties, when some good things come to an end,
some new good things come to a start.

Apparently Annie hurt her toe in her balance beam mishap ten days ago and it split open and got infected. She was supposed to wear her collar for SEVEN to TEN days, but ML already let her take it off after three hours!
(Annie can take it off herself, and it does not stop her toe licking anyway. Why bother, ML figures? LAZY sucker that she is.)

Here she is putting her open wound in the dirtiest place in the house.
Does your dining room floor have more germs than your litter box?

(Annie says to biggify this photo so you can see all of the dawg furs on the hall carpet. She's not too hurt to tattle!)

Annie will be house confined for SEVEN days.
Or seven hours, depending upon how fast she wears ML down with her maniacal ways.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Wistful Wednesday

When Annie Bananie was away, Sadie Badie would play.

Even after she came home, I got to use the cubes because she was still and sleepy.

Ten minutes ago she jumped off the coffee table and pounced on me.

All good things must come to an end.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Pooper Scooper Tuesday!

Hi Kitties,
I am home now. Thank you for all the nice notes and purrs.
I should post a long-overdue Tattle Tail Tuesday, but tattling takes too much energy right now. Mostly I'm sleeping. And limping around a bit. But I am not confined to a prison! Just confined to the house 'till I have full use of my leg again.
I don't even mind home confinement.
I hope the fur doctor did not remove any of my spunk and sass while I was sedated.

(Zoolatry made this for ML, but I like it for me! Do I remind you of Kathy Bates?)

My spa weekend away from the Mosaic Home showed me how really good I have it here. I was not a big lap cat before, but ever since coming home, I like to sleep on Mosaic Lady's chest or belly. Odd. Very odd. And I'm not so interested in tormenting Sadie.
Disturbing. Very disturbing.

All of us Mosaic Furs pooled our allowances and bought this on eBay last night for ML's upcoming Big Birthday. I thought it was appropriate, mostly because it is a painting of me. But also because my angels were protecting me when I fell, and also to remind ML that Walter the Fur Angel sent me to her:

Black Cat Angel

Make yourself familiar with the angels and behold them frequently in spirit;
for without being seen, they are present with you.

St. Francis De Sales

(This is written around the edge)

Here is a link to the artist's eBay store. She does very cute paintings of kitties, bunnies, sheep, cows...

For everyperson lucky enough to be in a voting state, VOTE. And make the right choice! (ML has to wait till MAY, I think!)

Si Se Puede!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

So much for my promising career with Cirque de Kitteh, Sunday

Kitties, there has been a little mishap in the House of Mosaics.
I have taken a fall from (lack of) grace.

Many of you know that I love to climb up onto tall things.
I like to get high.
Here I am just last week demonstrating my balance beam routine.

Nearer to thee, o' fishey!

It's important to look straight ahead to keep my balance while practicing the more difficult components.

I traverse the beam effortlessly.

So, on Friday, Mosaic Lady received her Christmas present from my Godmother: a NEW BED! The delivery men left around 5pm and I decided I wanted to come inside as soon as they left.
I went into the laundry room.
The next thing I remember is Mosaic Dawg barking her maniac head off when she heard a VERY LOUD CRASH.
And then ML came into the laundry room to get her new sheets out of the dryer.
And then she saw me laying on the floor, on a rag, on my side.
She told me to come into the bedroom and annoy the heck out of her as she tried to make the new bed, but I was not feeling much like moving.
I hurt my hind leg very badly.

I will not bore you with the blow-by-blow that followed Friday night and all day Saturday (which I spent at the fur doctor's. I am still there this morning! I did not even get to sleep on the new bed!)
The last she heard, I was "resting fairly comfortably" (ALLEGEDLY) in my tiny cage at the fur prison, high on pain meds and anti-inflammatories.

Here is what I have learned so far during my ordeal:
1) Mosaic Lady has OCD. (This is not new but bears repeating.)
2) The washer and dryer do not make a good safety net when I am trying to get high.
3) The best place in the house to hide at 4am is in the middle of my long tunnel. ML searched the entire house 93 times, and even checked the tunnel, but she only checked the ends.
4) ML can sit by the phone, willing it to ring, for seven and one quarter hours before she loses (the rest of) her mind. Within minutes of stepping out the door to walk Mosaic Dawg, the phone will finally ring. This has happened two days in a row now. My fur doctor is psychic and likes to play with ML's feeble head.
5) A traumatic injury to your thigh muscle is a much better thing to have than a fracture or a dislocated hip, albeit just as painful.

6) My dismount needs work.

(Please remember when commenting: I am the Alpha Kitty in this house. Sadie's secret fantasies had nothing to do with this. She does not have that kind of power over me.
Does she?)

7) I have just learned that I will be sleeping in the tiny prison cage again tonight. Even though I am doing very well and putting weight on the bruised muscle now, I do not think my fur doctor wants to deal with ML on his Sabbath. Who can blame him, Kitties?