Our (so-called) "employer"

Our (so-called) "employer"

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Thyroid Tuesday - Bianca's Toes, Leah's Bones

Lookit my back toenails! Sadly, the fur tech chopped them off at my last blood draw. (Because I make it nearly impossible for Mosaic Lady to get at them.) The upside to that visit is that my 'roid hormone levels are so low, they are bordering on too low. So now I just get the goop in my ear once a day. And we can even skip a day occasionally. Like today, apparently. I never puke anymore, and I sleep relatively quietly all night. And I've gained about 3 pounds!! PORKER! Great relief washes over the land and the townsfolk rejoice.

If we knew how to do LOLCAT stuff we'd title the other photo:

I'm on ur bonez,

beefin' up my 'roids.

Or something better than that.

HEY! Thanks to our wonderful friend, Monty Q. Kat, we are now LOLCATS!

Monday, July 30, 2007

Mancat Monday: Mister Big Boy, Willie

By Guest Blogger: Mosaic Lady

It recently dawned on me that Willie is the sole male in our family now. He lives his manly life with his cat-sisters-by-adoption, Bianca and Sadie; the crazy dawg, Leah; and crazy moi. Pity the Big Boy.

It recently occurred to me that Willie has outlived and outlasted three other adored male cats: Merlin & Milo, my gorgeous gingers; and Walter, who has many tributes on this site. And Fred, the hermaphroditic guinea pig who changed my life -- another ginger.

Willie was my first man cat in this current collection cycle, brought home on the last day of March, 1992. Crabby old stray Gracie kitty and I lived in a sweet little apartment overlooking Monterey Bay. Today, Willie is my last man cat standing. It stuns me into some sort of surreal shock to realize that I was barely 34 when Willie joined my life. Today, I am closing in on 50. That's a lot of tears, and a lot of years, for one man cat to see me through. And he has. Impeccably. Willie is my aura reader. He's not a huge lap cat, although he has his mushy moments, but is keenly in tune with my moods and my energetic shifts, always staying close enough to touch, always guarding the perimeters of my life.

At the risk of sounding overly morose and morbid on this dark Monday, thoughts of aging, life cycles, and everyones mortality have been preoccupying me lately. Surely that feeds the force in my daily aching to add another male cat (or two) to the family. I feel off-balance and a bit empty in that department. I really miss having a big old hunk of fluffy lap cat love in my life. But I realized last weekend that I am being more deliberate than I am fully conscious of in my hesitancy to add boys to the family. I'm delaying out of respect for Bianca, and her newfound place of comfort in the fur hierarchy. More on that this weekend when we celebrate her 15th birthday.

Today is Willie's day, and it brings to mind a Joni Mitchell song that always breaks my heart. These furs of ours...they give so much to us, playing so many roles in our lives, and truly ask for so very little in return...

Willy is my child he is my father
I would be his lady all my life
He says he'd love to live with me
But for an ancient injury
That has not healed
He said I feel once again
Like I gave my heart too soon
He stood looking thru the lace
At the face on the conquered moon
And counting all the cars up the hill
And the stars on my window sill
There are still more reasons why I love him

Willy is my joy he is my sorrow
Now he wants to run away and hide
He says our love cannot be real
He cannot hear the chapel's pealing silver bells
But you know it's hard to tell
When you're in the spell if it's wrong or if it's real
But you're bound to lose
If you let the blues get you scared to feel
And I feel like I'm just being born
Like a shiny light breaking in a storm
There are so many reasons why I love him

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Life (still) imitates art - Share Yours!

So it seems that we inspired Miss Peach with our Weekend Cat Blogging art sharing idea and this morning she inspired us back by posting some really fabulous cat cards. Since there seems to be a lot of Lady Grumpiness going around (HUMIDITY) in the last day or so, we're going to start a new thing here called Share Your Cat Art Sunday.

Here is a photo of Willie posing in front of probably Mosaic Lady's favorite thing in the whole world, a painting by Vicki Ledray Grabicki. You can read more about the artist and how we found this painting over on Mosaic Lady's blog if you want 'cuz she posted it there a while back. For today we just want to put it on OUR blog, where it belongs.
Hey! Vicki lives in Port Townsend, WA. We wonder if that is near Miss Peach?

So do you and your persons collect (or create) cool cat art of any sort? We'd love to see it. Some of your persons are very gifted photographic artists and we get to enjoy their work every day! Art is so joyful and healing, especially when "some people" are grumpy. If Mosaic Lady can figure out how to use her scanner (no breath holding), we'll have more of Vicki's special images to share.

Friday, July 27, 2007

WCB - Sharing Cat Art that we Heart

Ignore when spoken to.
That's Sadie's favorite new proverb today. She's not ever coming back inside because she is afraid Mosaic Lady is on the verge of making her an indoor-only cat. And buying her a stroller (hot pink and chartreuse paisley). Sadie is reverting to her feral ways voluntarily.

We wanted to share something fun and colorful this weekend instead of droning on about our various health issues or recently-deceased fur fam members. (Thank us in fish flakes. We've never had those. Ever-deprived.) Last year Mosaic Lady found this wonderful artist, Mary Tagliarino of Wild Sunflower Studio, on eBay. She bought many of her cat art items from her Cafe Press store for holiday gifts. If you click right here, you can go to a page in her Cafe Press store that has her tiles on it. We like this page because at a glance you can seem many of her images. She paints gingers, tuxies, meezers, whities, blackies, tabbies...there is even a white bun! Mary paints city cats and country cats; winter and summer cats; domestic and foreign cats. Some even wear clothes and jewelry and tiaras, for those of you who are into that sort of stuff. (DON'T give ML any more ideas! "Indoor only" & paisley strollers are already freaking us out.)

This is our kind of folk art! Maybe some of you already know Mary and her store.
We're showing you three of the tiles Mosaic Lady bought for herself. We especially love the Martini Meezer and the Ginger Wino! (Those are ML's titles, not Mary's.) We gave many of the other images to friends and family...cat lovers all. We got an apron, a couple jewelry boxes, ornaments and many tiles. Mosaic Lady's mom loved her four tiles so much that she had great-uncle Bob build a special frame in which to display them all. We like to use ours for keeping the wet from the wine bottle off the tables.

Mosaic Lady just got back in touch with Mary and is trying to talk her into doing a new series of original paintings called Cats & Wine. Wine & Cats? We don't want Mosaic Lady to sue us for blathering her ideas but can't you just see: Meezer Merlot, Tuxie Traminer, Calico Cabernet, Rex Riesling, Siamese Syrah, Sphynx Sylvaner, Persian Pinot, GINGER GRIGIO?

May your weekend be full of pretty colors and funny cats and good art!
A great place to find funny good cats and artsy photos of pretty cats is at this weekend's Cat Blogging Round Up, hosted by talented Kate and her darling Puddy over at A Byootaful Life.
Willie & Bianca

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Of Mice and Mems!

Wow, our idol, Skeezix, tagged us for our first meme ever. What a special day this is! (In case you've wondered, yes...we really do live on this couch. Well, on our half, anyway. The laptop and the lap it lives on get the other half.)

We need to write our own proverb:

A proverb is a simple and concrete saying popularly known and repeated, which expresses a truth, based on common sense or the practical experience of catkind.

Using Skeezix's for inspiration:

A kyoot owtfit a day keeps the Fashun Police away.

...the very first one that came to our (Willie & Bianca's) minds is:

There are only twenty-four hours in a nap.

We asked Sadie for her contribution, and one of the things you probably don't know about her is that she is very spiritual. She wanted to share her favorite parable:

Morris 5:37,38

"No one puts new clean litter into dirty old litter boxes, or else the new litter will touch the poo poo parts, and it will be stinky, and the clean litter will be skanky.
But new litter must be put into clean litter boxes, and both are good. No cat having scratched new litter immediately desires old, for he says, ‘The new is better.’ "

We have to get back to napping so we let Sadie choose who we should tag. Do you notice a THEME?

Kelly Good Cat
Kellie the Orange Cat
Henry Helton
Miss Peach

Wordless Wednesday - Baby Sadie

Monday, July 23, 2007

Mancat Monday: In Memory of Walter, King of eBay

A computer guy came over yesterday and helped us get lots of stuff off of our sick iBook and onto the new Mac. Mosaic Lady mostly wanted photos of her mosaics and of us furs. These are a few very important photos, because they are the reason we now live in North Carolina.

Walter was a foto ho' and never met a camera he didn't like. Mosaic Lady is never above making us pimp her stuff, especially when Walter would jump up on the staging area and strike his poses. That was the case this day in April of 2006 when ML was trying to earn monies from selling stuff on eBay. She had just quit a job that was killing her (for the second time!) so she was a scramblin'. Anyway, a very nice lady was surfing Bauer Pottery on eBay and saw Walter posing so beautifully. She started looking at all of ML's listings, hoping to see more of Walter, and ended up seeing our dawg too. She has a Blue Heeler mix, and four cats, just like we did! And then she bought some of Mosaic Lady's mosaics, and then more and more, and before you know it, we're moving across the country and the nice lady is our (fairy) godmother and ML's business partner. Wow. All thanks to Walter. Too bad he couldn't stay around a lot longer to share it all with us, but we keep his memory alive by looking at his photos and collecting cat art -- and cats.

Friday, July 20, 2007

WCB: NO LICKING! -- by Sadie

The geezer cats are going to the fur doctor tomorrow and I'm not! Yay me. Bianca needs a blood draw for her thyroid check and Willie needs a leukemia shot. The dawg may be forced to go along too because 72 hours of not messing with her paw bandage was too much for her and she's been sucking on that thing and ripping it off the wound any time Mosaic Lady is not looking. We need to go ask Skeezix what kind of purse goes best with an Elizabethan collar. The dawg will definitely be sporting that accessory tonight.

WOW. I was going to tell everyone how happy we are that after six weeks of no signs of improvement on her transdermal tapazole, all of a sudden Bianca seems to be doing 10 times better. No night retching for 10 days and she seems to be not nearly so bony. And then the fur doctor called in the middle of my blogging. The growth on the dawg's paw is chronic superficial perineal dermatitis with vernacula! (I KNEW that was what it was. Mosaic Lady never listens.) He also called it a "lick granuloma", so I just googled that: The so-called "Lick granuloma" is a raised, usually ulcerated area on a dog's wrist or ankle area caused by the dog's own incessant licking. Uh oh. The dawg's in trouble now. Her sore was self-inflicted! As if she's not already neurotic enough, now she's a canine cutter. It's hard to be the only normal one -- fur or skin -- in this fam dam.

Oh well, it's all good news for this week and we should just be grateful. Even though Mosaic Lady swears that this is her first and last dawg, and even though I've heard her (pretend to) joke that she'd trade the dawg for six cats...she got to wondering this week how different our lives would be without Leah, and pretty much realized that she was not wanting to experience all those ways just yet.

Happy weekend to all my new fur friends and thanks to our very kind hosts this weekend, Kashmin and Othello at Paulchen's Food Blog!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Thursday 13 - 13 embarrasing nicknames she calls us

Sadie Badie
Pookster Dookster Little Fookster
Willie Billie
Mr. Big Boy
Yonka Bonka
Kitty Girl
Leah Beah
Walter Falter

Why do they do this?
Where do they get these idiocies?
How can we stop them?

OK, fess up. What are your most humiliating terms of endearment?

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Tumor Tuesday: Cats Rule, Dogs Poo!
- by Bianca

Ho' Boy what a day! The Mosaic Lady hoped to spend her Fire the Grid morning in a mystical, contemplative reverie but pre-dawn found her cleaning up a doggie dookie AND a doggie pukie! Leah did a Twofer Tuesday for Mosaic Lady. BOGO! (Barf One, Get One!) ML even let Leah out at 3:30am when she got up to use her own litter box in hopes of avoiding the huge pile of liquid doggie dookie that Leah has deposited on the living room carpet every night since Saturday. This morning there was some blood too. Can our non-refundable, $150/pet deposit re-carpet the house, ML wonders?

Mosaic Lady had Leah at the fur doctor's by 7:30 and by 7:45 the dawg was wearing a muzzle for the first time in her whole 9 years! Mosaic Lady loves our new fur doctor but the four-leggeds in the fam don't use those two words together in a sentence -- ever. Oxymoronic and moronic. After sitting relatively quietly for the first two bungled attempts to get a heat reading out of her ass, the dawg drew the line at the third attempt and got a little snippy, let's just say, with the nice fur tech. More snippy fun when the fur doctor came in and tried to touch her. It ended up neat for Mosaic Lady, however, because they made her walk Leah back to her kennel herself.

ML got to meet 3 cats and 3 dogs that the fur doctor adopted from people who were bored with them. They live back there in the boarding area full-time. (In addition to the 4 dogs and 4 cats they keep in their house next door.) He's so nice. He told ML the story of each pet...diabetic cat, deaf and blind dog, 21-year-old dog, "family wanted him put down for no reason" Bramble kitty... Mosaic Lady fell in love with two long-haired cats, of course, and started her OCD wheels rolling on how to bring Bramble or Monty, the Rag Doll, home. I feel sad that those kitties never see the sun all day, but all in all, they have it good, considering the options. Fortunately, none of them are good fits for our family after all. We're still afraid that stray Meezer is ours, so back away from the adoptable cats, Mosaic Lady! Especially the ones that have the good fortune misfortune to be adopted by a fur doctor. Even if the cats do sleep in cages and play on concrete floors all day.

The dawg did well in surgery and the fur doctor is optimistic about the growth on her paw for a few reasons. Five days or more for the lab results. Ever the fatalist, ML is sure it's cancer and has spread to the dawg's innards, thus the recent dooking at night in the house with blood. (The dawg has many faults, but dooking in the house is NOT one of them. I'm waiting for it to dawn on ML that it might could be the Previcox. Shhhhhh. Let's toy with her a bit longer.) The funniest part of the whole day (unless you're Leah) was when they were leaving the fur office and Mosaic Lady was trying to get a lead on local Meezer rescue, gabbing and yakking and blathering as she does with the front office ladies...she heard the sound of flowing liquid behind her. She turned to see the dawg dropping a HUGE watery dookie full of blood right by the door. STANKY! The dawg got the last word after all.

Mosaic Lady took a photo of the ugly little tumor spot, but I refuse to post it. SKANKY. Willie and I don't ever let the dog touch us, but for some pathological reason, Willie likes to lay down near the dawg a lot. Walter and Sadie let the dawg touch them and Walter used to let the dawg dry hump him! (Not like he enjoyed it really or had a choice since the dog outweighed Walter by at least three pounds.) Walter and Sadie have weak personal boundaries.

Anyway, between my hyperthyroid/non-stop puking challenges and recent pee infection (third since last Fall and counting!); Leah's tumor, arthritis, and inside dookie wars; and the impending detente** drama with the stray Meezer -- Mosaic Lady is grateful for wine, Direct Tee Vee, and all of our new cat blogging friends. You make her smile and you help her feel connected to something very big and very good and very furry. And she's starting to work on her mosaics again, which allows us to nap undisturbed for longer stretches. She can be needy when she's depressed.

**Détente - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
is a French term, meaning a relaxing or easing of the bowels to go poop; the term has been used in international politics since the early 1970s. ...

hahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Good one, Bianca!
- Willie

Monday, July 16, 2007

No Place for a Meezer Monday

Great location! Sucky amenities!

The Mosaic Lady has been feeding a BEE-U-TEE-FULL (her word) stray Meezer for the last few months. She and the dawg spotted it right after we moved here and they began their morning walk ritual. It lives just down the road from us. We aren't sure what kind of Meezer it is, but it's the white kind with light gray ears and tail. Of course the eyes are topaz blue, Mosaic Lady droooools. The Meezer is very shy and runs under the house where it lives, (probably scared about the dawg). The Meezer told Mosaic Lady its name was "Robbie". That's what ML heard, but Meezer spelled it for her: "Rabi". Mosaic Lady told us this cat is a Sufi mystic. Whatever. All we know is that it's another body we might have to share our snuggly surfaces and litter boxes with.

Neighbors guess that it may have been left behind by some STOOPID humans that lived in the Stonehouse (see below for that happy story). They had TWENTY cats in there and dozens more kittens locked in some trailer Mosaic Lady doesn't even want to hear about since it's not happening any longer and she needs no more unhappy cat visions to obsess over than this world already offers her. The idjuts moved to South Carolina and "couldn't gather up all the cats", we were told. Doggie Dookie Heads!

Anyway, the Meezer looks really nicely filled out to the Mosaic Lady. Who knows how long it fended for itself before she started feeding it, and we read on google that Meezers are excellent hunters. It seems very energetic and active, and for all we know, may just love leading the life of a happy wanderer. As strange as it sounds to all us cats who blog, not every cat wants a forever home, or an inside home. However, the very land that all these old, abandoned houses are on is being cleared as we blog for a HUMUNGOUS 250-home project. (We love the noise and traffic changes coming our way, of course we do. Yes, indeedy. Our lease is up 12/1.) The Stonehouse you see below is right across the street from the house where Mosaic Lady feeds Rabi. She used to feed it on the slightly-covered front porch. You can see in the photos above that all of a sudden the porch's roof is now the porch's floor. Now she feeds it under the house (in a lime green double-bowl, of course! Even, and especially, abandoned cats need bright colors in their lives!). It is only a matter of days before the remaining structure is chewed up and spit out by those huge Cats (which look an awful lot like the same breed that Skeeszix saw out his window recently.)

Here is our dilemma...should Mosaic Lady get a humane trap and corner Rabi? She's never trapped a cat before. She'd like to be sure it's not creating babies, and see that it gets tortured with all those shots. While she labors under the delusion that she would "foster" it, you can already guess the Mosaic Lady is hankering to keep it. But she is also mindful that bringing an adult into the fur fam right now with hyperthyroid, chronic UTI Girl, Bianca, and cranky old Willie (and the dawg having surgery tomorrow...watch for our Tumor Tuesday post! Big fun around here lately!)... may not be so sane. And then there's feral, skittish, scaredy Sadie. She might not take to an adult cat well at all. The dawg? Mosaic Lady controls her. (Mostly. Assuming she lives. Gulp.) So many unknowns, although we would also be fine with (PREFER says Bianca), it living (mostly) outside, just so it stayed around here and let us be family to care for its needs, like Rocky used to do.

But maybe the kitty likes its pawloose life of adventure? What do you all think? Mosaic Lady wonders about the right thing to do for all concerned every day. You don't have to listen to her obsess about it like we do (thank us in Newman's organic canned turkey!) The day to decide is finally upon us and we are still unsure. Like the Good Cats' Dad says, our head says one thing and our heart says another. You all know how that shit goes.

Mosaic Lady found a Meezer Rescue Group near us last night but after surfing the site and seeing all the great Meezers already up for adoption in NC...we're back to thinking we might be sharing stuff again. HALP US PLEEZE! Any of you Meezers have NC connections? Any of you wonderful readers who live in the neighborhood want to get in on this action?

Is this cat gonna be ours? And if so, NO BLOG until it is 15.5 years old. WE had to wait that long!

The Stonehouse on Wednesday --> The Stonehouse on Friday

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Snakey Sadie Sunday

We have seen this very snake three times in our new back yard. Once on the driveway and twice in this very spot up on the stairs around the blackberry bushes in the part of the garden that Sadie loves best. We know it's the same snake because this one is long and black. See the head, way over on that log? Sadie is trying to make friends with this snake in hopes that it will play with her. We don't have the energy to try to win over such a long snake at this point in our golden years, but if Anastasia has any snake befriending tips for Sadie, please post them here for her.

Mosaic Lady keeps a close eye on all this and tells Sadie often: "NO Snakes, Sadie!" Sadie ignores her. Mosaic Lady likes to pick ripe blackberries every day and chants to herself as she reaches down into the tall grass: "NO Snakes, Mosaic Lady!" We are waiting for the nice young man to come back to mow and whack our yards. Two months is stretching it but Mosaic Lady would rather spend the money on our Wysong Geriatrix. Good call.


Saturday, July 14, 2007

by Willie & Bianca

Ho boy. Little did we know when we seized the Mac yesterday (Coup de Fur! Carpe de Mac!) how confused we would get trying to post our own comments without using the Mosaic Lady's link and stuff but we're gonna figure it out. Eventually. And now we're probably totally fuxxing up the WCB protocol. We're old. Please indulge us?

Sadie's been nagging us since yesterday morning to move her WCB 5th Gotmeversary post over to this blog so she can hog even more of the spotlight and suck even more of the oxygen out of the room today. Whatever. We're gonna do it this once since she does go on and on and on about her story, and occasionally refers to US. We suppose in the interest of maintaining some sort of cohesive continuity and historical archive to our fur family chronicles here on our CATS ONLY BLOG it's a legitimate request. Plus, she has the most atrociously annoying, pathetic, irritating, screamy-whiney-voice you've ever heard when she wants something. Like her morning dollop of cream.

Here's her post. You may want to go use your litter box first. It's wordy:

Hi Everyone! Thanks for letting me celebrate my 5th Gotmeversary with all of you! We are so happy that we discovered you and will play in the cat blog box every weekend. There are so many beautiful, smart, stylish and FUNNY blogging cats around here! Go visit many of them all rounded up in one place at Dragonheart's blog. Dragonheart is this weekend's cat herding host and has something very special to celebrate too! Because it's such a cool week for me, I want to share my happy story with you.

Five years ago right now when I was not more than six weeks old, I was so over the feral life that I was enduring in the cat commune down by the San Juan River in Pagosa Springs, CO. Of course that was not the life I was born to live, but I knew I had to start life there so my destiny could intersect my Mom's. She was working at a liquor store back then (glug glug) and I knew that on this very day she'd stay a little late to help a group of wild women assemble a mixed case of wine. (My Mom knows a LOT about wine. Practice makes purrfect!) She left work later than usual that day. I executed my plan to perfection, dashing in front of her car like a darting furball flash of lightning as she drove through the alley. A confluence of graces! Mom threw the car in neutral, put on the emergency brake, and was on her feet running to catch me before she even realized what was happening. She knows a kitten in need in her sleep, my Mom, even one traveling at super sonic speed. It took her two tries to reach down into the bush where I was pretending to hide to GOTME. She was surprised that I didn't keep running. I tried to keep up the wild, resistant, feral kitten pretense, but I caved in quickly, allowing her to snag me. I sat on her lap the whole way home, trying to keep up the resistant feral pretense, but I never moved from her lap.

The Angels in Charge of Cat Distribution and Dispensation (ACCDD) sent me to her because:

1) She and my fur siblings had just been through a very scary foreclosure and nothing brings joy and cheer and hope to a life more than a kitten.
2) I look just like Gracie, the founding feline member of our current tribe, who came to Mom in 1991 and left in 2000 due to hyperthyroidism and heart disease. Some say I am Gracie returned.
3) My mom is very patient with feral kittens. She is not very patient with humans, which is kind of funny. (Unless you're a human she is not being patient with. Then not so funny.)
4) My mom is a tiny bit obsessive compulsive and prefers an even number of cats, perfectly balanced between male and female.
5) There is no 5. She has a teeny number fetish and insists that I keep this even.

So, on that fateful day in July of 2002, Mom took me home to the funky, dark, bug-infested, stinky, skanky, slanty-floored, freezing cold, ancient farmhouse my family was renting and immediately gave me a bowl of cream. I was so dehydrated and starving, I sucked it up in seconds. Then I got big diarrhea. I shat all over my behind and promptly got my first, (and only), bath. To this day I insist upon my dollop of cream every morning as she stumbles for her first cup of coffee. (Unrelenting screaming is very effective with Mom.) I spent the next several weeks living under a bed in a guest room. My dawg, Leah, and my big brother, Walter, kept close to me. Leah laid next to the bed all that time, keeping a very close eye on me. I love my dog. Walter taught me how to play when I eventually got brave enough to come out from under the bed. I loved my Walter. He went to Fur Heaven very suddenly two months ago. You can see lots of photos of him on this blog, including a very wonderful Snapfish collage poster we just got in the mail. Losing our Tubbo Walter has been a great tragedy for all of us, most especially Mom and Leah Dawg. Walter raised Leah. That's how it is in our family...the youngest fur takes the new arrival under their loving paw.

We all moved from Colorado to North Carolina at the end of last year and I love my new home. I have 9 lush, forested acres to play on, but I stick close to my home. I sure miss playing outside with Walter, but there are snakes and lizards, birds and bunnies, butterflies and fireflies to play with here. We did not have fireflies in Colorado! Whatthe?? I am not allowed outside after dark so I try to grok them through the windows. Mom can't believe that the heat does not bother me outside but our new fur doctor sold us a furminator. Who knew I was all bottom coat? I try to help my Mom with her mosaic art -- that's me, advising her on a big lazy susan project on MY consulting table -- but since Walter died, she is not so creatively inspired. At least with her mosaics. She seems to want to write a lot, which is why I'm so happy we found all you eloquent cats who blog. Mom still cries almost every day about Walter and thinks her mosaic promotion blog has turned into a fur kid promotion blog. I say: the problem with that is...? I give her free mosaic consultations, talk with her more than ever, and share extra love and attention to try to fill up some of the emptiness in her heart. We all know she loves us in very special and unique ways, but we also all know that Walter was extra-special and uber-unique in her life. If he were still with us, Walter would surely have his own blog today! (And he would certainly be cyber-courting Miss Lilly.)

Mom tried to help all of us after Walter died by consulting pet communicators. She started getting very interested in pet communication and pet reincarnation and did a lot of reading and researching. She had sessions with three women: Leonora to talk to Walter, Lydia Hiby to help Leah, and Cindy Smith for the whole family. That's where I got to talk. I told Cindy Smith to remind my Mom that I am very independent and also very content and happy with both my life and my place in the family. This was a great comfort to my Mom, and she knows it is Truth. Cindy also told my Mom that I would LOVE a new kitten. More Truth. Because I am the youngest, the new kitten will be mine!!!

So the best anniversary present the ACCDDs can give me is a new kitten, hopefully Tubbo Walter returning to us! Mom believes 100% in Fur Fate -- she knows that her four-legged companions always come to her, or wait for her, without her having to look for them (Truth again). We are all keeping a vigil for our next fur family member. Nothing brings joy and cheer and hope to a life more than a kitten.

(PS: Does anyone know if Fat Eric has a girlfriend? He reminds me of my Tubbo Walter, and like my Mom, I get weak in the paws over orange guys. Especially fat, fluffy, frequently-peckish, orange guys.)

Friday, July 13, 2007

Coup de Fur!

Hey! Is this thing on?

The Mosaic Lady took the dawg out for a walk and we made our own blog!!!


We saw Sadie doing something on the Mac early this morning so we looked through the History and read her WCB 5th Gotchaversary post on Mosaic Lady's blog. Not only did that irritate the poop outta us, in it Sadie says that if Walter were still alive he'd have his own blog.


Walter was not the only writer in this fur family, we can assure you of that! And since we've already turned Mosaic Lady's allegedly mosaic-themed blog into our own fur kid chronicles anyway, this just makes oodles more sense, don't you think? Good. Now we can move on with the important stuff like getting to know more fabulous felines and participating in contests and stuff (NO DRESSING US UP IN CLOTHES!) We don't have Photoshop for our new Mac yet so no fun with wigs or hats either, but we don't care. We just want our own blog! Happy day, happy day.

OK, now we need to run over to Dragonheart's place since he is hosting this weekend's cat blogging fest and we need to post our new, EXCLUSIVELY CATS ONLY WRITING HERE, link. We are so excited. Well, as excited as any two 15-or-so-years-old cats can be!

Willie & Bianca