Our (so-called) "employer"

Our (so-called) "employer"

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Catching up on our sleep, Sunday

Boy, have we all been sleeping a lot since driving back from South Carolina on Saturday, Kitties. Mosaic Lady slept ELEVEN hours that night! She blames Bianca for her near-coma-like state of stupor. (It feels weird to not be blamed for something.)

Here is how I spent my last days on Sullivan's Island...

Dusting our host's computer with my tail.

Rearranging the papers on his desk (and most everything else in his office.)

Shredding bubble wrap (and most everything else in the cottage.)

Putting my nose into every box and cupboard I could reach (including those out of my reach.)

Sharing with my Godmother every single shameful tattle I could think of involving Mosaic Lady (including those it pained me to think of.)

Mosaic Dawg was very disturbed that we managed to violate every single rule she gave us for our trip (with one exception: Bianca puked on the floor and not on the furniture.)
She spent as much time as possible outside and on the beach with Mosaic Lady.
Mosaic Lady yelled at her a lot for barking. It hurts ML's tightly-wrapped nerves.

Mosaic Lady did this dog grotto project while there. See how easy it is for dogs walking by to hydrate themselves?

AND thirsty kitties on harnesses.
Maybe birds too!

It was an eventful week for all of us and we all adjusted better than Mosaic Lady expected.
We can not say the same for her. She was very mean to Bianca in the car but I am going to tell you more about that on Tattle Tail Tuesday.

Pee Ess: ML posted all of the SC Christmas gifts over on her mosaic site this morning.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Ho Ho Ho

Merry Christmas, Kitties and Persons!

We have been very busy here on Sullivan's Island.
Here is how we spend our time.
Looking out the front window...

Looking out the side window (where ML grouped all of the shiny breakable things into the middle of the table. This makes it easier for me to knock them all off with one swipe)...

Looking out the office window...

Looking out the bedroom window...

Looking out the bathroom window...

Taking a meeting...

Taking over...

Making new friends...

Listening to Bob the Beaver read...

It is Christmas morning, Kitties, but do you know what I have heard so far?




And she has not even tried to wrap gifts yet so how irritated with me can she really be?
Just another day in my life, Kitties.
Hope yours is Grrrrrrrrrrrrreat!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Sullivan's Island Saturday

Well, Kitties, Mosaic Dawg nearly had to stay home, but she squeezed into the back of our rental Chevy Trailblazer anyway and we hit the road to South Carolina yesterday. You should have seen spatially-challenged Mosaic Lady try to fit everything in.
Pretty ugly, as you might imagine.

Here are all four of us. I'm the black one in the soft carrier with red trim. Sadie is trying to figure out why that piece of ripped cardboard is there.

She realized that it was to prevent her from hissing at me for four and a half highway hours.

Mosaic Dawg is characteristically glum and ambivalent about the whole escapade.

Here are the important things you need to know about our trip:
1) Before ML had gone 2 miles from home, I figured out how to unzip my carrier just enough for me to squeeze through.
ML could not believe her eyes when she saw me climbing over boxes in her rear view mirror. She had to pull over and put me back in. She nearly poo'd in her pants at first, because the carrier looked fully zipped. I scared her a little, with my awesome panther powers. She thought maybe I was Annie Houdini.

2) Bianca screamed non-stop for the first two and a half hours. I am not making that up to impress you. You should have seen ML taking deep, cleansing breaths, trying to let Bianca's howling be her meditation.
Be the howl, Mosaic Lady...BE the howl.
After two hours of that (which is a lifetime long for her), she predictably snapped and said many things in very loud tones of voices I am pretty sure the Dali Lama does not say to distressed four-legged sentient beings.
I was perfect, of course, and got to sit up front with ML after she rearranged the back of the car so that Bianca was as far back as she could possibly be, and facing out. It did not muffle her mania.
Bianca will be on drugs for the ride home. Period.

3) Sadie did a little bit of poo in her carrier. ML smelled it when she got back into the SUV after a pee stop at Love's, but once again, she thought it was the lunch she'd made for herself. (Why does the smell of her meals always remind her of kitty poo?)

Here we are in our guest house upon arrival. Bianca is confused by the holiday wreath on the door. She wonders what kind of backwards island people do not know that it belongs on the shower head.

Willie is taking the opportunity to experience what it feels like to sit on a clean floor.

4) We all kept Mosaic Lady up from 2am-5am. I played, of course. This was not something she appreciated after a very long time in the car with head banger Bianca followed by a very long wine o' clock with our godmother.
Mosaic Lady woke up many times last night with head banging of her own.
FOUR tents and cubes hit the floor Sunday morning in hopes they would burn off some of my nocturnal energy.

ML and I are especially fond of these chartreuse leather recliners. Fortunately, there are two.

So we survived the drive down, Kitties, (no thanks to Bianca!) and we love it here. I will have photos from today's adventures to share tomorrow.
OH, Kitties...
#5) When we arrived, our godmother was wearing PURPLE crocs with holes in them! And her husband has olive green ones!
Now I feel bad for not letting ML bring hers because they really would be handy for her to use when she walks outside and over to the big house.
But not too bad.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

South Carolina-Bound Saturday

We sure had fun with this! (We did not screw Annie's head on straight, but that is appropriate.)
We hope to blog on our vacation, Kitties, so Ta for now!

Don't send a lame Holiday eCard. Try JibJab Sendables!

Friday, December 21, 2007

Anti-Fashion Friday

Kitties, I started my revealing Tattle Tail Tuesday posts in an effort to shame Mosaic Lady into sanity submission.
This last week brought a painful backlash upon my mini-panther head.
Instead of shaming ML, my posts, and those of other tattling cats, have only inspired her further.

Case in point, KELLIE!
Yes, ML went to WAL MART and came home with every color she could find in her gargantuan size 10.
$5 each. Cheap at twice the price!

Can you see Willie shuddering?
I think he threw up in his mouth a little bit.

No Mosiac fur can bear to gaze upon this blight.
Hey! Where did the black ones go?

Oh Good Lord, ML.
With the white exercise socks and the black lycra/spandex leggings?

Yes, yes, much better, ML -- stunning with your JC Penney pajamas.
If I see these doo doo drops in the suitcase, I am not going to South Carolina.
My mortification would know no bounds, and I refuse to be the object of ridicule for the "well-heeled" beach kitties on Sullivan's Island.

I hope you're happy, Kellie.
I am not.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

T13 - Beach Bound, by Mosaic Dawg

Well, Kitties, we leave on Saturday morning, bound for the South Carolina beach for a week. We have rented an SUV (Mosaic Lady is hoping for a new Explorer!) and her OCD is at full throttle.
Despite what Annie claims about ML's alleged laziness, she is also highly efficient and super-organized. And Victor -- she is a VERY GOOD driver! No tickets or accidents since she was in her teens, when the earth was born.

We recently received an email newsletter from Cindy Smith, an animal communicator that Mosaic Lady consulted after Walter died. I will share her advice for holiday traveling:

If you are traveling for the holidays, it's very important to let your animals know what's about to happen. They sense your excitement as you begin to pack. The sight of suitcases often reminds them of being left behind at other times. Simply explain to them what the plan is. You can do this silently or out loud.

If you are taking your animal with you, do the same for them. Explain where you are going and how you'd like them to act.

13 Ways I would like Mosaic Cats to act:

1) Do NOT hide under furniture when it's time to go on Saturday morning and make ML break a frantic sweat when trying to jam all four of you into your PTUs.

2) Do NOT caterwaul all the way down to SC (that was a waste of breath.)

3) Do NOT pee or poo in your PTUs, especially if you are seated next to me.

4) If you must puke when we are there, do NOT do it on the beautiful furniture.

5) If you must miss your litter box when peeing or pooing, at least get close to it and do NOT walk in it and track it across the beautiful floors.


7) Do NOT take your cabin fever aggression out on each other (Annie).

8) If you are lucky enough to leave the guest house on a harness, do NOT try to squirm out of it and run away. (Annie).

9) Do NOT bat all of your new Christmas mice under the kitchen appliances and expect ML to fetch them out like at home. She will not. They will live there forever and you will have no new mice to bring back to North Carolina with you (Annie).

10) NO blog hogging (the cat whose name begins with "A").

11) Do NOT jump up on shelves and knock things over; shred kleenex or toilet paper; take the covers off of floor vents; open kitchen cupboards and climb inside; bang kitchen cupboard doors; tap dance on ML's last nerve for sport. (Guess who?)

12) Willie, do NOT bogart my bed like you do at home.

13) Bianca, do NOT pee in my bed like you do at home.

14) Bonus #14: Do not get in between me and my godbrother, Zeke, because I never know
when the urge to bite his butt might strike me.

Wish me luck, Kitties. This is the first time we've gone on a long ride together since we moved here from Colorado a year ago. I still suffer from PTSD from spending days in the Explorer with Willie and Bianca as we were towed behind the moving truck.

(Big thanks to the Zoolatry human for the darling photo art.)

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Wonders never cease, Wednesday

I am dreaming of all the fun I am going to have when we ALL go down to the South Carolina beach this Saturday to spend Christmas with our godmother and her family.
This is my first Christmas in my forever home; it is (possibly) Mosaic Lady's first trip to the Atlantic; and it is Mosaic Dawg's first sight of the ocean ever.

I am dreaming that I get my own credit card for Christmas so I can max it out shopping for tents, tunnels and cubes on eBay.
My dream is so real; I can feel the plastic card in my hot little paws.

Do not tell me you finally got your NC driver's license? No sense rushing into these things, ML.

Nice photo.
I suppose I should just be grateful that I will (probably) not be spending the holidays in jail.

Lookit CoCo, spending her first Christmas in her forever (Cocoa, Florida) home...

CoCo's adoptive mother has more holiday decorating spirit than her birth mother does. (Sorry Zoolatry human. That does not sound like a compliment when put that way, does it?)

Does anycat know what happened to our masthead's head?
It shrunked!
We can't put our title and description up top on CoCo's head without it reducing to a narrow banner. It biggifies back into full size if we use the photo only instead of title and description over photo. We had it big with all the words on top of the photo for months, since day one, so we did not do anything differently. Blogger sure did. Did they change the black template proportions?