Our (so-called) "employer"

Our (so-called) "employer"

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Typical Thursday

Leave me alone.

Tell her to leave me alone.



Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Wacky Nicknames Wednesday

Our adorable orange friend, Kellie, tagged all of us for the name meme.
How did we get our names?
Which nicknames do we like?
Which nicknames do we wish Mosaic Lady would stop calling us?

Because we all want to play and don't want to bore you to tears, most of us got our names because:
1) ML likes old-fashioned human names that end in "ie" (Willie, Sadie, Annie).
2) ML likes to name us after dead relatives (Walter, Leah, Annie).
Bianca came named. Her rescue mom is Italian and pronounces her name very differently!

Sadie Badie! (and I have a stocking from Victor that proves this!)
Badester (that is my street cred name.)
Dookster (short for Dookster Pookster Little Fookster. Zero cred anywhere name.)
ML needs to stop calling me Meatloaf.

Yanca Banca
Kitty Girl
I get nervous when she calls me: Damn Cat!! (Usually after I have peed on Leah's bed.)

Willie Billie
Mister Big Boy
I have no bad names. I am very good.
(I don't think it counts as a name when she says: God damnit, Willie -- I am not letting you out that door again only to have to get up in five seconds to let you back in!)

Annie Bananie
Nannie Bananie
Nanners Bananers
Those are almost tolerable, as embarrassing as they are, but I do not want to be called Tubbo.
That was Walter's nickname and even though I am Walter's Walk In... still.

Leah Beah
Mostly lately she calls me:
Leah! Quiet!
F'in Dog!
I am not overly fond of those.

(This is my new buffet bar! It is a few inches too tall for me. I can only nibble at the edges of my food and can't reach the middle or bottom of my bowl. ML shipped it down to South Carolina so it could be sawed shorter for me. You did not think she was going to own a saw, based on what you know about her issues with scissors and knives??)

Sunday, January 27, 2008

SomeDoggie Tagged Mosaic Dawg, Sunday!

Diamond Doggie, who lives with Perfect Parker and the other adorable kitties, tagged Mosaic Dawg for her very first meme. She was beside herself and had a very hard time narrowing her list down to only 3, as you will see.
This meme was created by the charming cats at http://www.petspics.blogspot.com/.

What three things would you do that you have never done before, if you knew you wouldn't get caught, get in trouble, or suffer any consequences?

1) I would bite my Godbrother, Zeke, in the butt.
Many times.

And he knows this about me.
See the fear in his eyes?

I bit him once the night we first met, Christmas of 2006, at his home in North Carolina.
Here we are at his new home in South Carolina celebrating Christmas of 2007.
I don't know why Mosaic Lady does not trust me to walk behind Zeke.
I did not bite him once this year.
Of course, it all depends on what the meaning of "bite" is.

2) I would sleep on all of the couches and on Mosaic Lady's bed any dang time I want. The cats sure do, and you can see that Willie thinks my bed is his, too. I am not allowed to be aggressive toward the cats, so my arthritic body suffers in silence on the hard, cold floor.
I am not allowed to get up on furniture or beds. This is grossly unjust.
Mosaic Lady does not approve of dogs on furniture.
This is grossly insane.

3) I would eat a Whole Container of my very favorite treats EVER!
Well, on second thought, I don't really enjoy pooping in the house in the middle of the night, so maybe I would eat only the bonus 33% Free?
They have 30% less fat than beef sticks, so it would be like I didn't eat any, right?
Oh wait... that doesn't qualify for this meme, then, does it?

3 - Revised - Part A.) I would ATTACK anycat that got near my food bowl or my treats or my bed.
Many times.
And they would know it and live in fear of me.

3 - Revised - Part B.) I would phone Direct TV and insist that they block Animal Planet and National Geographic and any other channel that airs The Dog Whisperer. Mosaic Lady watches that a lot and then she gets very full of her calm, assertive Self and goes all Alpha on me.

I know this meme has made the rounds a few times and that kitties in these houses have already played, so if they are not too tired, I tag CoCo the Weiner Dog over at Jimmy Joe's Pad, and also, my secret crush, Titus, of Furry Kids fame.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Mancat Monday - For Sweet Caesar

Caesar went to the Bridge in his sleep two nights ago and this makes me sad. We had a lot in common:
we sort of look alike -
we are both 16 -
we both have sisters who look like us; are close to our age; and have lived with us all of our lives.
(Even though Bianca is not my blood sister, she came to live with Mosaic Lady five months after I did.)

I borrowed this wonderful graphic from Dragonheart and Merlin's tribute. I hope they do not mind! It is so touching.
Caesar's family, and his sister Princess, are in our thoughts and hearts.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Sadie's been framed!

I am not very happy that Mosaic Lady used my favorite seashells from our South Carolina Christmas trip for these frames.
I am also not very happy that ever since she remembered her camera has a flash she has gone glare happy.

a pair of fish!
Am I pretty as a picture?

Once again, Slacker ML had to rely on the Zoolatry human to complete her post.
I don't know what her problem is, really, since she's lived in her pajamas for the last 48 hours, taking them off only to shower and put on a clean pair.
(Thank Dawg for small favors, kitties.)

We woke up to inches of snow on Thursday morning and are supposed to get a bunch more today, which you know if you have CNN or MSNBC. It is the first snow since we moved here because it did not snow all last winter.
You should see the clueless snow newbie, Annie. She did not know what it was or how to navigate it.
Of course, all the other Mosaics are snow savvy veterans from our years in Colorado.
Mosaic Lady is glad that she is not a South Carolina Republican like some persons we know who have to go out and vote today.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Four weeks till Valentine's Friday

Well, four weeks yesterday but we need to use an "F" in our title to match Friday because Mosaic Lady is SO LAZY about helping us blog in 2008.

So LAZY, in fact, that she had to rely on the Zoolatry Human to do this post for her!
She was going to use it for Monty Q's "Who Do You Love?" contest, but we doubt she'll get her doo doo together in time to post it there.

Of course, everykitty knows who Sadie is sweet on, but can you recognize Mosaic Dawg's new secret crush???

Monday, January 14, 2008

Mancat Monday - Willie Endorses Sadie!

The invasion of our house by a certain demon black cat has caused "a few of us" to reflect upon, and be thankful for, Sadie.
Sadie is not mean or aggressive. Sadie is not territorial. Sadie shares and plays well with others.
She spends most of her time on her couch, behind her couch, or on her dining room table, which she always shares with me.
Even as a kitten, she was never wild or destructive, unlike certain demon black kitties we won't name but who might be visible in a photo below.

Sadie does not jump up on counters or appliances; she does not wake ML up at night; she does not even know what a floor register is.
Sadie always uses her litter box, and she never misses. She doesn't pee or poo in inappropriate inside places, and she does not spray the outside yard.
She doesn't even scratch the furniture! She uses our ancient scratching post.

The only time Sadie gets bossy is first thing in the morning when she screams for her cream as ML is making her coffee.
She does not bully me, Bianca or Mosaic Dawg.
She had never met a fur she did not like, until she met a certain demon black cat. Even if she is not being taunted, Sadie still dislikes (and distrusts, with good reason) Annie immensely.

Sadie is sweet, loving, quiet, even-tempered, and very low maintenance.
ML thinks this is because Walter befriended her from kittenhood and taught her how to be a perfect kitty, with a lot of help from Mosaic Dawg.

Just because the squeaky black demon kitty gets the cat blog grease most often, I want to go on record.
Sadie has my vote for:
Easiest Mosaic (Two or) Four-Legged to Live With.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Cat Art Sunday - Krazie Katsky

Now here is a very unique and treasured piece of cat art!
This was done by Mosaic Lady's great-uncle Bob. He lives at the Veteran's Home in Yountville, CA. (That's in Napa. Glug Glug.)
He is Grama Emma's "baby brother" and must be in his mid-to-late 80s.
He sent it to us a bit before Christmas. We had no idea he was an artist! ML is going to frame it to hang in her studio.

"Unk Bob", as he has always referred to himself, is a very unique man. He never married and has no children. He is a devout Catholic who observes all of the rituals and sacraments. He is a very quiet, kind and gentle person.
ML is a lot like him, except for the quiet, kind, gentle, devout Catholic parts.

He apparently found the inspiration for his drawing in the little Tabby sticker, but I think it looks a lot like goofy Sadie. He signed it:
R.T.K. 07/07/07

And then he wrote:
"I dun it wit me too widdle hanz."
Sounds like a cat blogger in the making!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Fat Caturday

I noticed many kitties posting about SKINNY this morning.
This has caused me to reflect upon my FAT.

Here is the very first photo of me taken on the day I came to the Mosaic House as a foster on August 9, 2007.

Look how big my ears are and how skinny my face and torso are!
Mosaic Lady often wondered if I'd ever grow into my big paws.

I think you can see my ribs, or my sinuous muscles, here.
I weighed only 5.5 pounds!
I look like an emaciated fashion model in this one.
(Don't worry - I do not use heroin.)

I was a sleek mini house panther on the (Sadie) stalking prowl last summer.

Here I am three months later, after too much half price Halloween candy.
Mosaic Lady titled this photo: Annie Widebody!!
As if it were my fault that she free feeded me two different kinds of Wysong dry food and as much canned food as I wanted in the first few months.
Besides...is it my fault that the two hyperthyroid geriatrics get canned food whenever they whine for it so they can keep their weights up?
Of course I partake. Wouldn't you?

Here I am two months later, at Christmas, after too many boxes of See's chocolates.
LOOKIT my belly hang and my thunder thighs!
Do you think Mosaic Lady would let me post of photo of her taken from this angle?

In recap:
Here I am last summer...

and here I am now...

I am thinking it is at least a double chin, if not triple.
You could almost mistake me for Kami.

Mosaic Lady is very curious to know how much I weigh now.
I have suggested that she weigh herself, pick me up, and then weigh us both.
She says she is not that curious.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

What a Loser, Wednesday

Mosaic Lady has not been a very cooperative blog scribe lately.
She is such a slacker that she did not even take the opportunity on Mancat Monday to acknowledge Willie's 16th birthday, which fell on New Year's Eve.
Every year, Mosaic Lady...same day every year!

Willie has been with you almost one third of your (very long) life.
Your thoughtlessness never ceases to amaze me.
And depress me.