Our (so-called) "employer"

Our (so-called) "employer"

Friday, August 29, 2008

Fired Up! Ready to GO!!!

Nothin' but net, Barack.
Nothin' but net!

We would like to thank our very creative and cooperative Photo Stylist, Zoolatry Human, for making us look so good!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Hell on fur wheels. Zoey & Annie DO Denver!

ML: Pace yourselves, Girls! You've got another hour to go.

Annie: Did you hear something, Zoey? Was that a gnat buzzing in my ear?
More diet tonic with Splenda, Darling?
Persons who live in (Ketel One Citroen) glass bottles should not give advice, ML.


All aboard the Love Train, Kitties!

What a night!
Who is that man and what has he done with John Kerry?

A blogger wrote that if this was how he spoke in 2004, he would be running for re-election right now.

Instead of windsurfing.

Biden's speech was less than we expected.

But we loved his blue tie

and his big smile

and his heart

and his very moving family story.

Bill Clinton's speech was more than we expected.
Like a gazillion billion trillion times more.

We do not know what to expect tonight, Kitties.
Like our Godmother says: "Don't have expectations, have HOPE"!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Bidin' our time for Biden (sorry.)

Kitties, we are sleepy today! We were up way too late last night waiting for Hillary to say something that she meant.
And we woke up way too early because Dennis Kucinich was in our hotel and he was still yelling at 6am. A blogger we blogged next to said he was a Smurf on meth. (We aren't sure what that means, but Mosaic Lady laughed real loud when we told her that on the phone.)

We expected the convention to be more exciting and fast-paced but it's pretty much one big snooze so far. President Clinton will probably bring some drama to the mix tonight!

The foods are good and the litter boxes are fresh!!!!

Hoping for an Oprah sighting

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

After parties are EXHAUSTING

Don't worry. I will grab some shrimps and hams from the buffet and be re-energized for tonight!
I want to be there in time to hear Dennis Kucinich.
I heard he is an ET!


Monday, August 25, 2008

We are still on EST

We are going to need a lot of naps this week. All the exciting stuff will be happening at our normal bed time.
We liked living in Mountain Standard Time when we lived in CO.
Snow sucked.

20 minutes to opening gavel

Mosaic Dawg is making new friends already.
(Mosaic Lady is making Ketel One Citroen and Diet Tonics already.)

Demo-cat Delegates Descend on Denver!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Is it really breaking news when it's been breaking all week?

No Kidding?

I do not answer my cell phone at 3am for anypersons.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Fire up the ark, Friday

While I stay very well-hydrated (it's the slimming secret to my sleek body), sometimes too much water is not a good thing.
I am worried about all the furs down in Florida.
I hope they find high grounds and enough foods.


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Saturday, August 9, 2008

It was my birthday and my gotchaday and all I got was this stupid post!

So last Saturday, August 9th, was the one-year anniversary of my unceremonious arrival at Casa de Mosaic. It was also my honorary, best guess, two-year birthday. Here is what ML did for me:





A whole lot of nothing, Kitties.
I asked her to help me create a celebratory post last week. "I'm too busy prepping for my show this weekend." I asked her to help me Saturday night when she got home: "I'm too tired from being at my show all day" -- but I guilted her out to the max and she miraculously put in enough effort to upload the photos. I asked her yesterday to help me finish the post: "I am too tired from the weekend show." TODAY, ML? "Oh... yeah. I've sort of lost interest in your little post, Annie."

So it falls to me to celebrate my self. I thought I'd show you how fat far I've come in just one year with some before and after photos.

This is one of the very first shots of me looking wistful in my "holding bedroom" on the day I came.
Cute, huh?

ML took some really staged shots of me looking "well adjusted" for the Petfinder site because she swore she was NOT going to keep me.

Say what, ML?
This is my look of incredulity.
My ears and paws were bigger than the whole rest of 5.5 pound me back then.

Here is a photo of me at my rescuer's home right after she trapped me and got me spayed.

Check me out now! Big, black, bold and BEAUTIFUL.

This was my good side.

Even better now!

Last time ML weighed me I had doubled my weight to 11lbs. I think I've gained even more inches than pounds.

It's mostly muscle, though, as you can see.

Check out my stomach muscle! It bulges out onto the ground it is so developed.

I do a lot of sitting crunches to get my 12-pack abs sculpted just right.

Killer glutes!

No you d'int just call me a "burnt meatloaf", Sadie.

I may have a challenge in doubling my weight again to reach 22lbs by August 9, 2009. I heard Mosaic Lady say that she is about to buy me some weight management kibble. Of course, I could just eat twice as much. Problem solved!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Eugene Robinson Reads My Blog!

Kitties, I watch Eugene Robinson on Keith O's show every night and love to hear him blah blah about the political craziness of the day. Well, apparently he is watching me, too!

In today's Washington Post column he used two of my words from my first New Words on Wednesday post! And he used them really close to each other in his column. He did an excellent job:

As the kerfuffle of the past week indicates, it's apparently even problematic for Obama to attempt to describe the Republican Party's obvious game plan of defining him as different, exotic and risky.

(deleted paragraph here.)

The second of the bombshell words that Obama didn't say -- but that Graham would like you to think that he said -- is an even bigger canard. He called me a racist has become a popular and convenient refuge of scoundrels.

I'm sort of surprised that he did not use feckless as there are many places I think it would have fit.

I'm going to invite him to be my guest blogger when I go on vacation.