Our (so-called) "employer"

Our (so-called) "employer"

Friday, August 10, 2007

WCB - Foster Friday!

LOOKIT what we got! A lodger in the spare bedroom!

Mosaic Lady calls her Dreamboat Annie.
We call her competition for the couches, and let us tell you, she had no hesitancy about claiming our places next to the ML and the computer last night and she's in there sleeping on OUR bed right now! For a cat who's lived outside for most of her short life, she sure adjusted quickly to the softer surfaces in life.

How many toys do you see in this photo? EXACTLY. And there are 6 more not showing!
Do you know that's more than we've accumulated in 15+ years? She got all those in one afternoon.
Mosaic Lady says she wishes any one of us were half as well adjusted as her precious Annie. We say let's see about Annie's disposition after she lives with Mosaic Lady for 15+ years.
Mosaic Lady already gave her the stinky runs from feeding her stuff she's not used to.

The dawg is obsessed with her, of course. The ACD has a lot of OCD fixations, cats being one of the biggies.
We've heard Annie mumble under her breath "that dawg is dancing on my last nerve here!"
We feel her pain.

Here's Mosaic Lady's Petfinder blurb for the recsue group's site:

Annie is a dreamboat cat! She is curious, confident, responsive and affectionate, but also relaxed and laid back. She was being fed as an outdoor stray by a lady who recently passed away. A very nice lady trapped her and brought her to her foster home. Annie is very petite, only 5.5 pounds, and is approximately one year old. She is jet black with turquoise green eyes. She's had at least one litter of kittens, but is now spayed and current on all of her shots. Annie is comfortable around friendly dogs and is learning to warm up to other cats. She loves to be held, to play, and will follow you around the house to be close to you. Her sweet disposition and happy temperament, despite her rough start in life, make her a great fit for many different kinds of loving, forever homes. To learn more about Dreamboat Annie, call Laura...

We don't see her trying very hard to learn to warm up to us! HISS HISS HISS.
And we are all three cutting her a very wide berth. Sadie is terrified, Bianca is pissed and Willie is being quite an indifferent gentleman. (He's got love in bloom on his mind.)

ML is taking her to Pet Smart by the Asheville airport tomorrow for their weekly adoption day. The rescue group she hooked up with has no shelter but relies on foster homes and a few decent cubicles for cats who live at Pet Smart all week. We're glad Annie doesn't have to do that. We guess. (But if you know anyone who collects black cats in Western NC, please think of Annie!)

Mosaic Lady has wanted to do this for over a decade but only last May when Walter died did she really decide to stop thinking about it and just DO IT. Walter would be 11 tomorrow if he were still here, so it sort of all makes sense, in her mystical mind, anyway.

All sentiments aside --
We already know we're gonna be asked to share this one with them.

Sunday update: Annie had stiff competition at Pet Smart yesterday from NINE adorable kittens that shared her roll away, four-cage cube. Mosaic Lady says she advocated her rear off for the little girl (HA! As if.), and hovered pretty much the whole time, loving on the other cats in the permanent cubicles. Annie was back, sleeping on our bed again last night. ML and the dawg were happy to have her back. We don't share their joy. Here is Annie's link on Petfinder.com.
Can you help expedite the removal of her little black body from our couches and our bed? Her new trick o' the day is removing the metal covers off of the holes in the floor where the hot and cold airs blow. Sadie's pretty close to shoving her down the hole next time. That would be some Sunday night excitement!

This is an appropriate post for Weekend Cat Blogging, courageously hosted by Sher at What Did You Eat.
Their family lost their darling Sundance to FIP last Friday. He, and his sister Dexter, who also died from the disease, came to Sher and Upsie's house as foster kittens but ended up finding their loving forever homes there. Please stop over and extend your heart to these very sweet friends of all blogging cats.


Daisy said...

Dreamboat Annie really is a dreamboat! It is very nice of the ML to foster Dreamboat Annie. I hope she finds her forever home soon! We had a foster kitty once, and it was very rewarding.

jane said...

Annie is lovely, and your Mummy is so kind to take her in until she finds her forever home. Fosterers are the best!

Lux said...

Dreamboat Annie is so gorgeous :::whispers::: not as gorgeous as you'ns, of course!

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

She's cute, but not as cute as yoo guys. We hope she finds a fureffur home rite away, fur yoor sake as well as hers.

Samantha & Tigger said...

What a pretty name Dreamboat Annie! Your ML is so kind to take her in and we are sure she will find a forever home quickly!
Your FL furiends,

Chairman Mao said...

Awwww, what a wunnerful thing your momma is doin' -- my momma sends her lotsa huggies! And Dreamboat Annie sounds like a great little girl kitty, she looks so much like my sistur Dorydoo! I hope she gets a fureffur home soon!

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

Miss Peach>(^,^) said...

Here I am....where's the MusCAT! it has been busy here today and I have missed being online...Now is my night owl time and the household is at rest:)
I see no rest for your guys! A little orphan begging at your doorstep. How wonderful of your ML to bring her in and find her a goodstart in life by rehoming. It is a kindness few others can match.
Annie is a sweet little thing, we weigh the same:) Kittens at such a young age....kittens having kittens. Her little belly shows the signs. Please be sweet to her...she is your charge for a bit...equip her well with the skills of life you have learned over the years. She will leave you and make someone a perfect forever kitty.
Hic up...more musCAT please yum...
My friend Anita is a foster mommy also. Right now she has Kanoodle and Orange Julius...they live in Cape Cod....lucky kitties:)
So would you have guessed right as to who painted the picture without the hints? You didn't stop by with your morning cup of java today:)
Tomorrow I will show you some cute handbags that Ginger might like to borrow till Labor Day...oh and come have some cake too! It is a very special day!!
Well before I go off to sleep I still have some prepwork to do:) Mommy is worried about me because I have taken to sleeping in the little box. She calls me a daft old cat with curious ways. Just keep the litter clean lady!!
Love Peach

Miss Peach>(^,^) said...

MOL...I meant I have taken to sleeping in the litter box:)
BTW I snorked up my Peach flavored tea when you lamented about living with the ML for 15 years....and knowing her so well:)

Baby Mao said...

HAHAHA That is so funny - Annie is beautiful guys and I am sure you will all get along fine soon. If not, you just need to make your human feel guilty for favouritism towards the foster sister.

Don't be mean to her cos she smells of poo either. It isn't her fault - take it from me. Maybe invest in some nose pegs?

Haf a luvely weekend xxx

Love n hugs

Baby Mao xx

michico 小芥 said...

Annie is very beautiful.I hope she will find a good family.

Miss Peach>(^,^) said...

I am so delighted you enjoyed my posty today! Walter will be smiling at your good work with Annie....how did it go in Ashville today?
My bean went to a wedding tonight and she almost forgot to feed me...no respect around here! And I even helped wrap up the gift!!!
Talk to you in the morn....naw afetrnoon will be better :)

Tyler said...

Oh Annie, you are beautiful. Of course you do look just like me. Best of luck finding your foverver home quickly. Seems like you've got spunk Annie, you rock girl. I wish I had room for you with us. Darn. But some other lucky family will be able to give you a home.

Christine and FAZ said...

We hope Annie gets a good home, we would love another cat but apparently I am antisocial whatever that means. FAZ

Jimmy Joe said...

Hi guys--I'm glad your Momma likes big-boned orange and white guys like me. My momma says she thinks Annie is beautiful and she has the same name as my momma (pretty much). You guys are real nice to share your space with a homeless teenage mother. (it's okay to let out a little resentful steam on your blog, too--it's just between us).
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe

Donny and Marie and Casey said...

What a beautiful black kitty! She reminds our mommy very much of our big sis angel kitty Missy, she was a teenage mommy too, and all black and petite like Dreamboat Annie. Just that Missy had gold-green eyes, not turquoise. We hope Annie finds her furever home soon.


Victor Tabbycat said...

Sadie, Annie's not as cute as you. Also, black kitties have a tougher time findin the rite beans fur doptin. She'll do better when hers fur has growed back, too.

So Sadie, um, are you intrested in me? Cuz I like snugglin an bird watchin wif a furiend, an Bonnie don't wanna be my furiend.

Victor Tabbycat said...

Pee Ess
Accordin to Mom, I's always silly.

Tara said...

Ah...Dreamboat Annie, just like the song! Mom still has that album (yes, in vinyl). What a precious little kitty, black as Baby! I know all about competition, so I hope she finds a forever home soon. Its a good thing we are a long way away from NC....

DEBRA said...

Little Miss Dreamboat Annie...I know you will find your ship of dreams very soon. YOU are so adorable. I know you will fulfill a special spot in someone heart and home very soon.

The Divine Miss B

THE ZOO said...

annie is darling and her rite bean wll come along soon.

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