Our (so-called) "employer"

Our (so-called) "employer"

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Tummy Tuesday - Couch Potato Walter

This is a scan of a color copy of a 35mm photo.
It is one of Mosaic Lady's top ten favorite shots of Walter. Maybe top 20.
Nearly every photo of Walter was tops.

Our hearts continue to be with Karl and the Staff, especially when they speak of learning to live with the Void left behind by the loss of Anastasia. It's been over three months since Walter left us, and the Void is as big, black, deep and painful as ever.

While all cats are forever remembered, some cats are forever painfully missed.

(PS: We apologize to our friends, Tyler, Miss Peach and Kellie. They were all kind enough to tag us for the catnip meme, but we are not nipheads. Only Walter was. That fact, coupled with the recent sadness over Anastasia, made it too sad of a meme for us to play with. We know you understand, and we thank you for that.)


Victor Tabbycat said...

That pictor of Walter is adorable! Mom still misses her tuxies from afore Bonnie.

Sadie, yur not into nip? How can that be? I mean, one whiff an I's king of the werld! Mom says I's less careful wif my claws an Bonnie says I'm efun MORE obnoxious than afore, but I don't know bout none of that. I just know catnip ROCKS.

The firstest cat wasn't into nip eifur. Purrs to my sweet Sadie!

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

Oh, what a gorgeous fluffy boy! Did your purrson snorgle his tummy lots? Looks snorgle-icious!
Grr and Cocoa are nipaholics, but I don't care much one way or another. I would, however, be glad to unload the intruder in the bedroom, aka "Lucy". It's making me annoyed that I can't get in there. I keep clawing at the door, but nobody will open it. I hear there's an excellent chance that she's full of kittens. Do you still want her? The people are taking her to the VET tonight for a check up. If she's just excessively fat, we might be able to ship her right away. I sure don't need another Grr in the house eating all the food before I can get there.

Anonymous said...

Hugs to all of you, precious Mosaic cats. That's a wonderful picture of Walter. And my mom sends hugs to your Lady.

And Bianca, dear, I am glad you are no longer barfing so frequently! I don't barf too much, but I do once in a while because I'm on the floofy side and am prone to hairballs -- ewww, hairballs. My malt remedy helps keep them down, though!

My heart goes out to Karl and the staff. Precious Ana will be so missed -- she is so loved. And I cannot let go of hope that perhaps she will return. What incredible joy and blessing that would be.

Purrs and snuggles from Marilyn.

Daisy said...

Walter was so beautiful! He looks like he was a big snuggle-bug. I am still very sad about Anastasia, too. It is so hard to believe she is really gone.

Henry Helton said...

I did not know Walter. I was not blogging then. I wish I would have known him. He seemed like he would have been a hepcat like me. I'm sorry you don't have him anymore, but aren't pictures great? My Lady says that when she looks at pictures of her Miss Kitty and her Jim who have went to the bridge that it's like they are still with her.

Miss Peach>(^,^) said...

Ahhhh darling Walter, fluffy fluffy joy joy!
Its OK about the nip meme... maybe you might like to try the Scattergories meme...it is really fun to do...come see if you are up to it. You do need some distraction from the black takeover artist in your midst! Oh and you can even pick which one of you wants to play along...
I bet you will be on pins and needles for a few weeks before you find out from the Guild if you can be an exhibitor...we are keeping EVERYTHING crossed for you around here! That picky bunch better say YES if they know what's good for them....or I will give them heck!!
So glad you came over and had fun at the patio party...a late summer moment of goodness.
Love Peach

Lux said...

What a great picture of Walter. He looks snuggable!

michico 小芥 said...

That is a wonderful picture of Walter, so peace and tender atmosphere.

You are so right, all cats should be remembered~! I will always pray for Ana, too.

Christine and FAZ said...

It's a sad time. FAZ

DEBRA said...

Oh my Walter looked like a floofy ball of love and joy. What a gorgeous picture of Mr. Walter. It has been a hard week this week, with both Ana and now Oscar gone. Our eyes are leaking right now and are hearts are heavy with sadness...it is a time of remembering those that came before us.

Purrss to all......
{{{huggles to all}}}
The Divine Miss B...who sends a very special huggle to Willie.

Benjamin Fuzz said...

i think we have a litany of loss these days. so many gone, so many tears, so much pain. have mercy.

we're right there with you...and we can hold hands and paws to remember that none of us are alone as we grieve those who are gone.

walter, the world is a hard place without you!

suzanne, my babiest girl, i miss you so much!

anastasia, your style, humor and love are missed!

oscar, your sweet, gentle love that filled our hearts is so missed.

ube, you sweet baby with the hope of a long love-filled life...cut so short.

have mercy.

Parker said...

Walter looks like a kitty who was wonderful. Such a sad week for kitties and their humans.

Jaya said...

Excellent photo of Walter.
Just exudes a feeling that
all is well with him and
with the world... that life
on planet earth is safe and

sher said...

That is a wonderful picture. That's the essence of cat. I want to pat that tummy, as I'm sure you do too. Someday...........you will again.