Our (so-called) "employer"

Our (so-called) "employer"

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Critter Art Sunday

Mosaic Lady is full of malaise and ennui today (those must be new Temptations flavors) and wasn't even gonna do her Sunday art show but we are making her. It will put some life energy back into her. Plus, our dear friend Miss Peach already posted hers, so how can we not join in? You must go see the amazing watercolor that Michico did of her Adan and Miss Peach. What a gifted artist!

These are scans of photos of paintings from the mid-90s by Santa Fe artist, Anne Embree.

Aren't the bear and bunny darling and wonderfully rich in color?

When ML was working in an art gallery on Cannery Row in Monterey back in 1995, dreaming of getting out of CA and the gallery itself, she came across a profile of Anne in Southwest Art magazine. The images in the article, along with a very sweet photo of Anne and her dawg, Daisy, captivated ML. She wrote to Anne and once she moved to New Mexico, she visited Anne's Santa Fe home studio and bought a painting. That was a very exciting day because she got to choose from among many completed canvasses. How to pick just one? Back then, Anne's work was fairly uniform in terms of the animals she painted and the composition. And the canvasses were massive and very commanding! ML had to decide which specific grouping of critters she liked best, and in what color combos. This was another favorite!

We don't have a photo of our painting to show you (and of course we are too full of M & E to shoot one, or to even measure the dimensions to tell you how huge it is, framed all in gold), but ours has the same yellow cat as this one below does. It also has a darling blue bunny, two birds, a fish, and a huge green elk (or deer) in the center of the image. The colors in ours are very rich, bright and deep. That's why ML chose it, along with the big cat and cute bunny, of course.

Anne's style has changed since then, as you can see on her web site. She's done some really cool mixed medium paintings. When she's feeling more social and chipper, Mosaic Lady will get back in touch with her. Today all she wants to do is lie on the bed and watch Dreamboat Annie groom herself. She's exceptionally fastidious for an outdoor stray!

Keep creating, gifted cats!


Donny and Marie and Casey said...

Wow, those are beautiful paintings!! It's wonderful to know and appreciate artwork. Daddy's gma (so our great-gma) gave us some paintings from a Salt Spring Island artist that was in great-gma's collection. Mommy can't wait to put them on da wall!


Lux said...

How very beautiful; I love to look at art. I hope the Mosaic Lady has a nice day watching Dreamboat Annie groom herself.

Tyler said...

I hope you'll be feeling beter soon.
Tyler's mom

Chairman Mao said...

Wowie, those are bee-yootiful paintings! And I really hope your momma will be feelin' bettur soon. My momma sends her great big hugs.

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao.


Hi, Dreamboat Annie! This is Dorydoo. I'm so happy to meet you! And wow, we sure look a lot alike! I would love for us to be great friends, and I'm so happy you liked my proverbs!

That's so exciting that you're a top-popper and an anything-opener like me. You and I definitely have a lot in common -- we're kind of like Kitty Houdinis except instead of getting out of things we do more getting into things. *chuckle!!*

I hope you find a forever home very soon -- you are a beautiful kitty girl and very clearly talented, purrsonable, and brilliant!

Love and cuddles from your friend,


The Cat Realm said...

Very beautiful!
We are having a birthday party for our nomss friend Lucas. His birthday is Monday and he will be two years old!
Please come over AND bring your nomss friend with you!!!
Karl and Anastasia

Victor Tabbycat said...

We's so envious of grate artists! We looked at Anne's web site, an Mom liked the horses bestest, specially Horse #2.

Miss Peach>(^,^) said...

Dear M & E....sorry you had to bring the chat noir back home again....bet the cats are ticked. yep, I see they are, stuffin Annie down the vents is not allowed.
Seems we are the only two Sunday Art posters. Therefore, I am so glad you popped something into your posty:) The colors are very
vibrant and I get a tropical feel overshadowed with Native American undertones. The first picture is not my favorite...looks like a kitty is being had for dinner!
Watch your mailbox next week for a letter Bianca.
Sadie do I see you snuggling up to Victor Tabbycat? Oh, he is such a very nice handsome gentlecat...you have a good thing going here:)
All in all, it has been a good weekend here. Hope the ML get to feelin in the pink again real soon.
Purrrrrs from Miss Peachy

michico 小芥 said...

Woww, those are very beautiful painting.

I read your comments on my bloggie, I think join for Cat Art Sundays is fun. But how would I join in?
Is that I will post Cat Art on every Sunday? Is that the meaning? Or ...?

Tara said...

Those are absolutely beautiful paintings. They would lift anyone spirits! Mom loves Monterey and Cannery Row, she and Dad used to teach scuba diving there years ago.

Mom really resonated with your comment on my blog. Yes, it is all connected in some cosmic way.


Benjamin Fuzz said...

those are gorgeous! such talent in the world.

there's a blog called Sweet 16s that is for older kitties...or kitties of mature years.

feel free to drop by, and to join, if you're interested. there's going to be a family reunion there next weekend. you don't even have to be a member to stop by!

ben fuzz
lucy fur

Dragonheart said...

Those are great paintings! I love teh colours. :) Lovely!

DEBRA said...


I must say you know how to keep a girl on her paws! I really enjoyed our friday night 'date'. You are full of wisdom and have so many stories to share. You are a born story teller! Thank you for inviting me. I know we have an age difference between us (I'm 3 1/2..) but that is simply a number. I will look forward to many more exciting moments to share with you!

Yours Faithfully
Ever so divinely
~Miss Boo

Eric and Flynn said...

We like that art and we looked on the website, and mum sez she liked horse #5 the best.
I thought that calling my Keep Fit Flynnercise wuz a good name furr it.

Daisy said...

Thanks for introducing us to another talented artist. I love the beautiful colors in those paintings.

I hope ML comes out of her M&E, that does not sound like much fun. I am sending her a virtual {{{hug}}}.

Caesar and Princess said...

We hope today is a perkier day for your mom.

These paintings are overwhelmingly beautiful. we can't stop looking at them. Such vibrant colors. Fantastic!

Purrrs, Princess