Our (so-called) "employer"

Our (so-called) "employer"

Monday, July 21, 2008

Shear Moron - Mohawk Monday

Kitties, Mosaic Lady Scissorhands has struck again.
Sadly, this time my furs were the victims of her lameitudedness.
I get a LOT of matts in my furs, especially in the summer. ML started cutting them out, a few at a time, "helping" me. She looked at me yesterday and decided I was all lopsided and funky looking, so she decided to even me out.

Nice work, huh?
Here is my left side...

and here's my right.
Even Steven!

The aerial view really shows the extraordinary talent Mosaic Lady has for layering, texturizing, and giving me that youthful, breezy, sassy, chunky-spikey look.
I don't know if she was going for a mohawk or a mullet because I always get those confused.

Those are not extensions, Kitties! Those are my (miraculously) intact tail furs.

Annie said I needed some "product" in my furs and told me to try ML's Christophe of Beverly Hills Texturizing Fiber Paste.

Tres trendy, non?
I don't think ML should be allowed to watch Shear Genius on BRAVO any more.
It inspires her to shear idiocy.

I would close my mouth and step away from the mohawk if I were you, Mosaic Dawg.
You do not want to get on my bad side(s) on my bad furs day.

When we went to the Cat Blogosphere page to post our link we saw the incredibly shocking and tragic news of Sher's death. We are all stunned and very saddened. We always imagined her to be so young and vital and vibrant.
There is just nothing at all to say at times like these.
Sundance and Upsie are probably very surprised to see her again so soon.


Lux said...

You know, at first I wasn't quite sure, but the more I look at it, I kinda *like your new look! Especially when your furs stick up! ;-)

The Furry Kids said...

Um, I have no words. Dad trimmed my toe hawks last night, but at least those are on my feets and not all on display. You have my sympathies.

winks to MD,

ZOOLATRY said...

Sadie, we think if our Human works very, very hard at it, maybe she can photoshop back all your fur.

meemsnyc said...

OMG, your bean needs to put the scissors down. Oh my! Your beautiful hair!

Mickey said...

Sadie,I was not aware that ML was allowed to handle sharp objects anymore!! :o
At least you did not require a trip to the Vet ;)
So you have funky new look. It will look beautiful again soon.Besides,you are so pretty,no Mancat would ever notice :)
Purrs Mickey

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Hmm, looks like ML is cosmotologically challenged...did we dazzle yoo wif dat big werd? We're so sorry she got her hands on a sizzors, yoo really deserve better.

Daisy said...

Oh dear! Well, it does have a certain, er, je ne sais quoi!

Sunny's Mommy said...

Personally, I like the chunky spikey look. It is very youthful and IMO an up to date style. However, the product has got to go!

Victor Tabbycat said...

Aw Sadie, yur still bootiful to me!
Purrs an nosekisses,
Always yurs,