Our (so-called) "employer"

Our (so-called) "employer"

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Formerly Feral Monday - Annie Squared

(I wanted to post this on Formerly Feral Friday but when I heard on the tee vee that Tim Russert died that afternoon I was very sad and uninspired. My favorite part of Sunday morning is trying to spill Mosaic Lady's second cup of coffee on the laptop keyboard while she surfs the innernets and watches Meet The Press.)

Remember how young and skinny I looked in my very first photo shoot last August -- the day I came to Mosaic House as a "foster", Kitties?

I was all ears.
As you all know, the Zoolatry family has been caring for a stray black kitty and her three little babies for many weeks now. They updated their blog just today!

She is so pretty.
She looks just like me!
This is how I spent my life BM (Before Mosaic) too! Depending on a kind woman, and then another, to put out foods for me while I lived outside.

It was a very hard time because I had babies at a very young age too. I hope they are OK. Nopersons seem to know what happened to them but that they saw me with them under a trailer.

Don't be confused by the next photo! This is Annie II! Zoolatry Annie! She has golden eyes. Mine are green.
They named her after ME!!!

I think it is the power of visualization because the Zoolatry human has spent SO much time making her artwork using my gorgeous image that she manifested her own little pregnant Annie right onto her own front porch!

I hope Annie II is as funny as I am.
Come to think of it, my sense of humor was not very good when I was trying to live outside and take care of my babies.
Parenting in the wild is very challenging!

I hope Zoolatry Annie is as flexible, adaptable, smart and perfect as I am.

I might be misoverestimating the perfect part.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Tattle Tail Tuesday #8 - Omega 3

I'm Mosaic Annie, and I did NOT approve these photos!

It's been way too long since I tattled, Kitties, and the backlog of material choices makes my mind reel. But let's start with the present.
The geriatrics seem incapable of doing their business in over-sized litter boxes. Willie can't get his poop in the box, and Bianca can't get her pee in the box. Consequently, Mosaic Lady has to wash at least a box a day and she keeps garbage liners all over the back porch floor to catch the disgusting bodily ickies. (No offense, Harold.)

You all know that ML is nothing if not lazy (if she cleaned her own litter box 1/10th as often as she cleans ours....just sayin'.) She finally got back online and renewed her quest for a better litter box with high walls. She came upon the Omega Paw Self Cleaning Rollaway. It's very boring so if you are interested you can google it or find it on eBay. The self cleaning promise is dubious, but she really wanted the enclosed part so that all the flying pee and poo would end up in there.

Here I am, immediately entering the very first box she put out. I promptly peed in it. ML was doing the happy, oh-so-pleased-with-herself dance, saying: "Oh Annie, you are so perfect, adaptable, and flexible!" (I might have misremembered the perfect part.)

And then I climbed right into the old box to poop. ML felt like the idiot she is.

She had forgotten that I poo standing up! Now, she never would've known this but for the fact that it has been over THREE WEEKS since I was allowed outside to roam free, where I prefer to have my toilet time, as Bast intended.
I am now confined to the back yard enclosure for life because some persons are so neurotic they can not seem to breathe when I am outside the cage. I am being punished and deprived of my rightful role because I am a scrappy and tenacious fighter who serves up many cans of whoop ass to interloper toms who mistakenly think they are entitled to my territory.
Mosaic Lady may be a misogynist.

Hey Mosaic Dawg!
How many steps did it take for Mosaic Lady to assemble the box in Four Easy Steps?

Take my best guess and multiply it by six?


So here is the new potty palace as of today.
(Oh. I think I forgot to say that my Godmother underwrote the renovations. I think I forgot to tell her, too. Thanks Godmother!!)

While we're in the laundry room tattling and thanking my Godmother, you can also thank her for ML's newfound love of Ketel One Vodka Citroen with diet tonic and Perrier. And also for the Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc.

She has nothing to do, however, with the 1.5 liters of cheap Chilean Rose.

All four of us have used the Omegas and so far nothing disgusting has escaped from the insides.
ML is feeling so accomplished in tackling this most harrowing project (that she dragged out for months, as is her style), that she is now applying her problem solving skill(lessness) to the raging War on Fleaism in our house and in our furs.

As my favorite blogger, Andrew Sullivan says:
Know Hope.

Thursday, June 5, 2008