Our (so-called) "employer"

Our (so-called) "employer"

Monday, September 24, 2007

Mancat Dream Monday - (by Annie)

Who looks outside, dreams.
Who looks inside, awakens.

~ Carl Jung

9/23/07 Early Morning Dream...

Mosaic Lady was the passenger in a small, golf-cart-like vehicle that an unknown woman was driving. They were climbing a narrow, winding road up a mountain, like on a driveway or a similar path, headed to the lady driver's home. The road was pitch black. There were no headlights nor street lamps. Mosaic Lady said: "You need a light source out here", but the driver seemed undaunted and knew her way well.

Once they got to the house, Mosaic Lady knew she was there to pick up Walter, who had been living there a while.
The driver lady told ML that Walter was so upset at being here that he'd started to pee in inappropriate places from the stress. ML went inside and saw Walter's huge white floofiness on an upper floor, like in an open loft area. She started to climb the stairs toward him and saw he was sleeping with a black cat who fled as ML approached. Mosaic Lady hugged Walter close to her chest.

When she woke up and turned on her back to stretch I ran into the room and got up on her chest and laid down, like Walter always did. I don't crush her as much, though. She cried a while because even though all the Mosaic Cats are part of her heart for very special and different reasons, Walter seemed to have claim to the largest part of her heart and she still misses him terribly. This was only the second dream she has had of Walter since he died last May, and the first one in four months. He's been very quiet!

If any of you kitties or your persons love to do dream analysis like we do, please feel free to share your intuitive hits with us!


Kaze, Latte, or Chase said...

No analysis here but I think its a nice message that Walter is happy with your new addition. But we're not experts.


Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

aaawwwwwwwww i think it means walter sent annie to you. he knows he'll always have a special place in your heart. maybe he was upset cause he couldn't be with you in body, so he sent annie, who needed you so much.
we're no experts tho. just animal lovers. mommys woofies have come back to visit her. that makes her happy.

DEBRA said...

No expert here either, but it sure sounds like Walter is channeling Annie....and like Mr. Hendrix says he knew she needed you and that you needed her....

Purrs to my sweetie pie Willie

The Divine Miss B

Parker said...

This is an easy one - You are giving yourself permission to love Annie as you did Walter - Annie has been waiting for you. Walter is presenting her to you. It's all good.
I am happy for you and for Annie and for Walter who clearly picked Miss Annie for you.
Everyone wins, nobody loses. And I love Jung!
ps - Mommy works in the mental health care field - could you tell?? HeeHee!

Caesar and Princess said...

Dreams... it is not always clear what they are telling us.... if anything.
Our mommie always has very odd ones.

This did have a very happy ending though and that is quite good.

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

So...Walter sent you Annie to fill a void in yoor life. Oh, there will always be the hole in your heart but that's the way it is when we love the kitties in our lives. Mom sez dat when one of us goes we take a piece of her heart and leave a piece of ours in it's place.

Dragonheart said...

The Ones who Came Before always have a special place in our humans' hearts. I know my mom still misses her Whiskers very much. He was her first cat and they grew up together.

HRH Yao-Lin said...

I think it a good dream and I think walter is sending you love from the other side.

Victor Tabbycat said...

Doesn't anyone fink Walter is sayin to send the intruder away an pay more attention to Sadie? No? Oh well, I tried.

Mom's had sum stress at werk an dreamed that one of her bossmen had a hart attack an they had to get into hims puter an let his wife know, but she's in anofur country. Ya fink Mom was kinda mad at that bossman?

Purrs an nosekisses to my Lady Sadie Badie!

Daisy said...

Oh yes, I definitely think it was a message from Walter. He is saying that Annie was sent by him to help fill the hole in your heart. And when you love Annie, you are also giving love to Walter at the Bridge. This is a very wonderful dream.

Jimmy Joe said...

That's a good dream. I think Walter is happy to see another kitty loving his momma.
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe

Jelly said...

That's an awesome dream - and an awesome after-effect. Walter wasn't there on your chest, but Annie was. And that's the way things are now, eh?

My mom's had a continual cycle of black cats and calico cats in her life since I was young. She didn't even like cats when my father brought home a young black persian-ish cat in a cage. He became "Keats" (but really "Baby.") And as he was nearing his end "Lady" joined our family. She was a stray. When she passed, "Willow" the calico came along. My doing, but I couldn't help it. She was a fricken kitten-clone! And then "Mattie" showed up as a long haired black kitten disguised as a snowball in the middle of a blizzard. I think there will always be another to come along and ease the void. The universe is kind like that.

Baby, Lady, and Willow have all passed on, and my mother grieved hard for each one. She loved them and cared for them very well.

I wrote awhile ago, "I haven't figured out how to insulate a heart from the trauma that inevitably ensues when you open it up to other people. There's no way to do one once you've done the other. I'd say, though, that as long as you can hear the music, why not dance? It's worthwhile in the meantime."

It's the same with animals - and even more so - because if you adopt a kitty or a pup, chances are they're going to go before you do.

Willow passed last spring, and I think it was the hardest goodbye my mom's had to go through. When I was in Canada, I took the cats to the vet when they weren't going to come back. I did that as a gift to my mom, who I know couldn't hack it. But with me far away,...my mom took care of Willow.

And in time - her grief lessened. In time, she's come to feel joy when she thinks of Willow. That cat had a great life. She was loved, and my mom felt loved by her.

You'll get there.
I think you're getting there.
Pat the Annie-cat.
And in the meantime, dance.

Kellie The Orange Cat said...

Oh Wow, what an interesting dream. My Mum hardly ever remembers her dreams, but my Grandpa remembers at least two or three of his dreams every night.

Ha! I knew Annie would be living with you guys! I'm glad she has a new furrever home!

ASTOR CATS said...

That's quite a dream. We don't understand dreams just that sometimes they are good and sometime they are bad. We purr for more good dreams! Even good dreams sometimes make you cry.

Midnite & Stray Kitty

Henry Helton said...

You have big fat windowsills like me! Aren't they great?

michico 小芥 said...

I also think that is a good dream, too. But I can't analysis here, either~!!

Dream will let you think more about life, I think that is the positive side~!

Chairman Mao said...

Wowie, what a good dream. I think Parker's got a really good interprutashun, that Waltur sent Annie to you, and that Annie's gonna be a furry speshul kitty in yur life.

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!


Annie, this is Dorydoo! I just wanted to send love and cuddles to you. I am so happy that you are the newest Mosaic Cat! And you're such a beautiful and sweet House Panther. You are my sister in spirit!



Pet's are 4 Life said...

Aww thats a sad story buts good for you for tryings to comfort your mosaic lady.


Miss Peach>(^,^) said...

A dream is a precious gift that combines the past with the present and gives you a glimps of the future. Dreams open the door for the rest of your thoughts to flow out and become your next reality.
Welcome Annie, and know Walter approves of the furry filled spot in your heart... he put her there.

So how is the Googleing coming along?
Love Peach...I make it more than 3 seconds in that bed:)