Our (so-called) "employer"

Our (so-called) "employer"

Monday, October 1, 2007

Mancat in the Making, Monday ~ by Annie

Here is the other foster intruder kitten that I have been tolerating enduring, Kitties.
Great name, huh? So mancatly. Especially when Mosaic Lady pronounces it: "Smudgers".

Yao-lin, where do I go to claim the medal you awarded me?
Not only does my rosy, post-adoption life require that I tolerate a mentally deranged dog and any number of foster cats, this foster cat smells like poo!!
Can you feel my pain disdain?

Not many people thought Smudge would live this long, or live at all. His mom dropped him and his brother on some lady's porch hours after birth. (His brother, Cheddar, is an orange guy! A classic striped Tabby.) A very nice rescue kitty named Cindy had a litter of five kittens she was nursing, so she took Cheddar and Smudge under her belly, too. All of these cats have wonderful new forever homes. We have Smudge. Lucky us.

Smudge has had some sort of disgusting issue with his poop tract since birth. He hollers and screams when he tries to go and used to get so full of poo he would vomit and stop eating. The vet can find nothing wrong with his insides, so he has enemas every few weeks to clean him out. He is much better now, although he is a total runt. He is about 5 months old, and you can see he is no bigger than Lucy, who is much younger.

There is NO shortage of Smudge poo in our house, I can promise you. And he goes wherever he feels like it. He is afraid that the litter box is biting his hiney. If you look up "dingleberry" in Webster's, you will see his face. And sometimes it sticks to him and he really stinks, which reminds us of a few of you kitties that shall remain nameless. You know who you are. Mosaic Lady had to cut a bunch of his tail furs off the other night. They call him Smudge for the faint black mark on his forehead, but I call him Smudge for dark streaks in other places.
So far, Mosaic Lady has not stepped in it, but we have 2.5 more weeks to go. It is disgusting and I apologize if you are eating your stinky goodness breakfast.

Here is a better picture of Smudge's partner in mayhem, Lucy. It's good they have each other, I suppose, because if there were only one kitten they would be torturing me all the time. Now they just torture me when they are awake. I do not recall signing on for any sort of fostering chores when I agreed to join this family.
Especially for the poo challenged.


Dragonheart said...

Poor little Smudge. :( That sounds like a horrible problem. He is very cute! It is good of all of you to put up with him, and for the Mosaic Lady to foster him, with his poo problem.

Kaze, Latte, or Chase said...

Kittens....often they stink and have poo problems. Its good that Lucy has to deal with him but its nice of the ML to take care of him too. He's pretty cute.


Sunny's Mommy said...

He's very pretty. As is Lucy. I hope he can find a good home where they're willing to work with him on his poo problems. I hope they both find good homes.

jenianddean said...

Boy oh boy, Smudge is a very cute little fella. I hope he finds a forever home that will help him with his poo problems. And how nice of you all to take good care of him and give him a loving foster home.

-Jasper McKitten-Cat

ASTOR CATS said...

Smudge is a cutie. Bet he'll grow into a fine mancat and find a good forever home. What a nice story about him and Cheddar being nursed by Cindy.

Midnite & Stray Kitty

DEBRA said...

What a life story Smudge has. Poor lil fella. Well ML we have poo problems all the time around here. Momma is an X-purt! Abby being a Manx has issues. The Vet told Momma that her insides are different because of how her spinal cord hooks up to her rear. She has been known to have poo stickin to her back side and sometimes Momma has to clean her up which she HATES! But it's not unusual for there to be little poo piles because when Abby has to go she goes right where she is standing. She has bad cramps. Then she runs around like her butt is on fire to get the dingleberries off.

Boy I sure am glad I have a tail...
The Divine Miss Boo

Daisy said...

I think Smudge is the cutest little thing! He sounds just like Baby Mao in the smells-like-poo department.

HRH Yao-Lin said...

Oh..no..I feel dreadful for you...oh that is so awful, I am actually getting teary now. Oh, wait a minute, that's the waft of poo from Baby Mao.

I will order the human to create an award for you, you well and truly deserve it. Poor poor cat.


Baby Mao said...

Dear Smudgie,

This is Baby Mao and I have to tell you something impawtant:

Never be afraid to stink as much as you can and as often as you like. Trust me, the cat blogosphere will LOVE you for it. Your siblings will get used to it in time and your Mummy will eventually give up cleaning up after you. It isn't hygenic and she won't be able to have her friends over but it doesn't matter. Everyone will love you for being true to your poo.

Luf n hugs

Baby Mao xxx

Karen Jo said...

What a life little Smuge has had already! I sympathize with you for his poo problems. I hope they will clear up soon. I hope Lucy and Smudge will find great forever homes.

Brainball said...

Awwww, Annie! I'm sorry about the smell of poo. I have poo problems sometimes because I'm so floofy -- but my problem is opposite of Smudge's because I tend to be constipated. Now MaoMao is another story altogether -- sometimes he's on the loosey-goosey side, ha!

I hope Smudge finds a great forever home, and you kitties are wonderful for fostering him.

I'm feeling better today, though I still have yet to get to 100%. I did some Alpha Cat patrols this morning, and I've eaten, but I'm still taking it more slowly than usual. Mom's keeping a close eye on me that I continue to improve -- if not, I'll have to go to the (ack) v.e.t. (ack) I HATE going to the vet; of all the Ballicai, I am the biggest proponent of "Do Not Go Gentle Unto That Good Vet." Must be my Alpha Cat nature and all. :-D

Love and floofy headbonks from Brainball!

Mickey said...

Poor Annie.You have yer paws full with 2 little critters.Smodge smells of poo?Oh dear.Hope he can get that sorted out. Hope they both find good homes.They are both cute!

Kimo & Sabi said...

Hmmm...we fink somewhere there is a law that says you should git foster-cat caregiver benefits...extra temtations!

Eric and Flynn said...

Smudge is a sweet little kitty but his poo problems must be awful furr him. We hope they improve as he gits older.

Dorydoo said...

Oh, Annie, I understand what you're going through -- my brother MaoMao, though I love him, often smells like poo, too -- he's the pooiest (is that a word?) of us Ballicai, except his pooiness (haha!) has gotten much better over the time he's been in the house. Little boy kitties can be trying, can't they? But you and your family are very wonderful for fostering him.

Love and cuddles from Dorydoo!

Kellie The Orange Cat said...

Ha, ha, ha....... poo challenged! That just cracks me up!

Smudge and Lucy are very cute. Sometimes I think it would be nice to have a kitten in the house and then I think of how serene and comfortable my life is and I change my mind : )

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Speedy has poo problems too...maybe smudge is a relative? He also has excessive gas, which makes dad yell stuff like "ugh, what is wrong with that boy" and "jiminy cricket Speedy, what crawled up yoor butt and died". Hope Smudge gets his poo sorted out and finds a good home.

Henry Helton said...

Smudge is a very cute kitty!

The Cat Realm said...

I think Smudge looks adorable and it is great that Baby Mao isn't the only one smelling of poop anymore!
Soon they will create a support group for poop stinkers... Hahahahaha. Ups, sorry.

Tyler said...

Oh, I feel sorry for Smudge. He's lucky to have a patient foster mother. I hope his bowels settle down.
My mom likes all of your Photoshop pictures from the weekend. Mom bought the program but has been to checken to even try to open it up. It's amazing what can be done. I hope mom gets her act together and starts trying to use it.

Christine and FAZ said...

Poor Smudge it's horrible not being able to poo properly. I personally finding it a very satisfying experience. I hope he gets better as he gets bigger. FAZ

Victor Tabbycat said...

Smudge reminds me an awful lot of Skeezix - another white stinky runt! But they're cute runts.

Maybe a completely new kind of litterbox and litter (Yesterday's News or Cat Attract) would help Smudge get over his fear? Like round and/or enclosed instead of the typical tray?

No pictors of my Sadie Badie? Where are you, my darling? Have you avoided that big mean black cat? Bonnie's bein a blog-hog, but I got the last werd in... again. Purrs and nosekisses, my poor neglected sweetie-pie.

Victor Tabbycat said...

HEAD FOR HI GROUND! Try, um, a chair back or table. Water where it don't belong is NOT good.

Are you SURE the extra water unner Annie's box isn't frum HER? Oh, a naughty box-missin black kitty can't stay inside wif ML as much as good kitties who never miss.

Oh, wait... "never" miss? Um, well... itinkledunderthelitterbox butitwasanaccident ipromise.

Keep yur paws dry, my sweetheart! And keep an eye on any invadin plumber beans. They needs extra snoopervision.

Kellie The Orange Cat said...

Hey guys, I have tagged you for a meme. If you would like to do it the details are on my blog.

HRH Yao-Lin said...

I tagged you for the desktop meme if you are interested! It's quite a good meme! x

Parker said...

Poor little Smudge! I bet he grows out of his problem! Annie - I think this is the price we pay for having a forever home. We have to socialize the homeless ones, 'cause once we were the same way (well, except for the poo problems). It's like good Karma!

Miss Peach>(^,^) said...

Those little stinkers sure are cute....even if they stink:) That is why they made baby wipes...mommy will chase me with those things!
Mommy is in mourning right now over CoCo! She said she wanted to have a date with her in two weeks but now CoCo is gone:(
She should pay attention to the wise words of John
Lennon when he said, "Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans!"
love Peachy

Caesar and Princess said...

We have to say right off, Smudge is really really adorrrrrable.
We hope he gets over his little issues. We had a kitty boy living with us that had box issues and a bit of liquid prozac for a few weeks helped him over the hump to normalcy.

We are really impressed and quite pleased with your generosity in helping this cute little fella.

Happy day to all of you
Purrrs, Princess

michico*Adan said...

I feel sorry for Smudge, too. I hope his problem could get over it soon!!

Miss Peach>(^,^) said...

OK crew, you have been meme tagged by me Miss Peach the amazing frying pan sleeping cat!
Come over and get the detales:)